Salmon Fishing holiday in Scotland, Scaliscro Estate, Uig, Isle of Lewis
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Salmon and Sea trout Lochs

Loch Langavat  - 2 clinker boats

Over 7 miles long, at the head of the famed Grimersta system, with spectacular scenery and frequent sightings of Golden Eagles and Red Deer . Although trolling due to the size of the loch is normal, there are some good bays for fly-fishing.  Boat only available with ghillie.




Loch an Fhir Mhaoil  -  clinker boat

Locally known as the 'Bald Headed Loch', it also feeds into the Grimersta system.  Salmon congregate here from August  and sea trout from early July onwards.  10 minutes walk to the boat.

Loch Mohal Beag

Feeding  into Loch an Fhir Mhaoil, it is quite shallow and rocky providing good lies for late run salmon.

Loch  & River Suirstavat  - fibreglass boat

Close to the main road  and with a  small run of sea trout and salmon and small spate river flowing into Little Loch Roag.




Brown Trout Lochs

Most of the lochs are remote and provide exciting sport amidst rugged scenery. Trout range from the modest half pounder to fish in excess of 4 pounds.

Loch Bruiche Breivat  -  fibreglass boat

Feeds into Loch Langavat, this loch is mostly shallow and clear with many good lies.  The trout average 3/4 of a pound, although fish up to four and a quarter have been taken.   Best day  to one fly rod is one hundred and two trout and one Arctic Char.  One hour's walk, or  40 minutes by argocat to the boat.

Loch Coirigerod  - clinker boat

Also feeding into Loch Langavat,  it is mostly shallow with numerous islands.   One hours walk or 30 mins by argocat

Loch Tungavat  ( clinker boat ) and Loch Ahaltair  ( fibreglass boat)

20 minutes walk from the main to Tungavat and from the other end of the loch, 10 minutes walk to Ahaltair.  We have recently restored a sheiling at Loch Ahaltair that can sleep up to 4.

Loch Spagach and Loch na Craobhaig (plastic boat on each )

Two small hill lochs within 5 minutes of each other, fished from the shore or by boat.  Trout  range from 8oz to 2lbs and can be taken by stalking the shallows.  40 minutes walk or 20 minutes by argocat.

Loch Beinn Charnian

The highest hill Loch in Scaliscro and  40 minutes walk from the lodge.  The trout average 3/4 lb and fight extremely well.

Loch Ruadh   -  clinker boat

Known as the 'Breakfast loch', some five hundred yards from the lodge, provides guests with the chance to fish immediately on their arrival or alternatively before breakfast. 


Fishing Rules & Notes

Fly, Dap, Worm, Spinner or may be used on all beats except Loch Suirstavat (fly only). There are fly fishing only zones on Loch Langavat.

All finnock  to be returned and hen salmon returned after 15th September.

Overhead power lines beside Loch Ruadh and Loch Suirstavat means that extreme care must be taken while casting on these lochs.

Lifejackets must be worn when advised by a ghillie.

Midges can be a nuisance during September and October, you are advised to bring a good supply of your favourite repellent or a midge net or both.

Guests are advised to bring Macintosh trousers and Wellington boots.

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