Salmon Fishing holiday in Scotland, Scaliscro Estate, Uig, Isle of Lewis
Challenging terrain amidst dramatic scenery provide the perfect backdrop for truly wild walked up sport for Grouse, Snipe and Woodcock.

Grouse shooting can be arranged either over pointers, or if preferred clients are welcome to bring their dogs along and experience the added attraction of being able to work their own dogs over new ground, accompanied by experienced keepers who know the ground intimately.




Snipe and Golden Plover are not uncommon on the Islands, and once the migratory birds arrive in late September they provide for challenging shooting when encountered. Wild duck flighting may also be available form September onwards






The October full moon announces the arrival of the first fall of Woodcock from the continent. The Islands are renowned for their challenging Woodcock shooting, with a wide selection of different terrains, including young plantations, meandering heathery riverbanks and hidden glens, which provide superb sport for this mystical game bird. As with grouse, shooting can be arranged over pointers, or clients are more than welcome to bring their own dogs if preferred.

Stalking for Red Deer stags and hinds can be arranged in season from 1st July to 20th October for stags, and 21st October to 15th Febuary for hinds.

Clay pigeon shooting is also available

Please contact our agent for further details. Russel Hird RJH Sports


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