Text Box:         CATERING cONTROLS








Text Box: A combined thermostat and FSD control, for the catering appliance manufacturer.  Designed for gas rail mounting with the outlet connection and low rate adjuster positioned for ease of access.  Available in a range of temperature calibration settings.
 Integral flame supervision device.
 Saddle mounting
 Adjustable low flow rate or preset on by-pass screw.
 Range of temperature calibration options.
 Full CE certification
                            Flow rate:         max.         -  0.38m3/h on air at 3 mbar p.d.
                                                    Min.          -  adjustable or to flow master
                            Gas connections:
                                                       Inlet       - Saddle mounting for 16, 18 or 21 mm diameter gas rails
                                                      Outlet     - 1/4 BSP compression form for 6 or 8 mm tubing.
                           Thermocouple connections: -  M8 or M9.