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Manufacturing Capacity
(dimensions in millimeters)

Q. Do we profile cut our own steel components?
A. Yes, we have both Plasma & Gas C. N. C. thermal cutting equipment.

Q. What sizes can we cut?
A. 0.6mm to 150mm thick, 2700mm wide, 6500mm long
(Restricted by weight 4000kg maximum)

Q. Can we receive drawings via email?
A. Yes, and process through our CAD for immediate manufacturing.

Q. Can we bend steel plate & bar?
A. Yes, we can bend material from 1mm thick up to 8mm thick by 6000m long.
Note for thicker material the length will be shorter. Full details available on request.

Q. Can we drill & ream holes?
A. Yes, we have two radial drilling machines that enable us to drill & ream holes up to 70 in diameter.

Q. Can we saw cut?
A. Yes, we cut all our own sections & flats up to 250 x 250 x 12000mm long using our fully automatic band saw.

Q. What types of welding can we do?
A. Our welding capacities are MIG, TIG and MMA to the standards and procedures requested by our customers.

Q. What size fabrications can we manufacture?
A. We can produce fabrications from less than 0.5kg up to 10000kg as either one offs or batch quantities 23m long x 4m wide x 3m high.

Q. Do we have our own transport?
A. Yes, we have a 7.5 ton drop sided vehicle that enables us to make our own deliveries to suit customer requirements.

Q. Can we design parts/products to meet customer requirements?
A. Yes, we can design using Autocad 2007

Q. Can we carry out welding, installation and repair work onsite?
A. Yes, we have a team of qualified personnel, who hold all the relevant health and safety certificates for site work.

In addition, our Engineered Products division is able to offer the following Machining Capacity:

  • Daewoo Puma 10HC Barfed CNC turning up to 70mm diameter
  • Daewoo Puma 10C Billet CNC turning up to 350mm diameter
  • Haas VF2 CNC Milling 750mm x 450mm x 450mm envelope maximum weight 500kg
  • Addison auto band saw up to 250mm diameter

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