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In addition to quality, delivery and price we always look at the product requirements and its current manufacturing process - our goal is to achieve genuine cost savings for our clients. It is our philosophy that if we can help to increase both of our companies profitability, there are long term benefits for both parties.

Cost saving # 1: The drawings of the hinge fabrication were first shown to us using a solid a profiled blank for the inner hinge, to machine 2# 50mm diameter holes, the tapered hole was particularly cost restrictive.
Proposal: The components could be manufactured as fabrications and that the bosses could be pre-machined and assembled in jigs to produce the finished component.
Result: An estimated cost saving in the first year of 20000 which ultimately led to our customer's product being more marketable. The benefit to both parties is immense.
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Cost saving # 2: The original drawing of the oil sampling valve showed a valve body machined from a solid billet.
Proposal: To manufacture using pre-machined parts.
Result: We saved our customer approximately 16.00 per item against the previous suppliers. The total annual saving approximately 1920.00.
Cost saving # 3: The drawing of a Rubbing plate shows the parallel flange channel sections in eight parts of four different lengths.
Proposal: To cut the relief's into the pressed steel angle cross members at the profiling stage.
Result: We are able to saw cut the parallel flange channel in two parts eliminating sawing, handling, and assembly time. The annual cost saving to our customer is worth approximately 5000.00.
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