Last modified: March 02 2013


Stanley Towbars is able to offer a comprehensive wiring installation to your vehicle, which includes re-coding the vehicle with our unique diagnostic tool. This diagnostic and re-coding tool will activate special safety systems when towing.

We are the first to offer this service and the only towbar centre in the North East that can offer this facility at present.

The areas of recoding include:
  • Brake module to activate the Trailer Stability program (T-ESP)
  • Instrument panel all necessary warning lights and text display will be activated
  • Parking sensor module will cut-off factory fitted parking sensors when towing
  • Suspension systems adjust for towing on Audi vehicles
  • Cruise Control re-set distances on Audi/VW vehicles
PLEASE NOTE: Re-coding is only applicable on vehicles with either an original equipment wiring kit or a kit with compatible components. The above systems WILL NOT operate with a by-pass solution!

Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements