What is iPABC ?

iPABC Version History

iPABC Availability and Download

Downloading ABC files to iPABC

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What is  iPABC  ?

iPABC is a simple ABC player/viewer for the iPhone or Ipod Touch.

iPABC provides the ability to both search, sort, play and view ABC tunes (stored in tune books=ABC files) as text or music. The ABC files are downloaded from the internet (or from a local web server if you have one). See later for how to achieve this.

Here are some sample iPABC screens :-

Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5 Sample6 Sample7

iPABC  Version History

Here is a list of the changes I have made to ipABC since its' inception in December 2009.

The most recent version is available below.

iPABC  Availability and Download

iPABC will soon be available for download from iTunes ... I will put a link to iTunes here when it is iPABC is available.

Two version will be available :-

  1. iPABCLite - Fully functional but limited to 4 ABC files and 50 tunes per file. This version is free of charge.
  2. iPABC - The full unlimited version. I'll be asking a small charge for this though :-(

Apologies to all that I'm charging for the fully functional version ... unlike all my other offerings. Apple charge an annual developer license (60UKP/Year) for the privilege of being able to deploy the applications onto the iPhone or iPod Touch (unlike the other platforms where all the necessary development tools and mechanisms are free). I'd quite like to recover my annual monetary costs on this one (not including my own time though) ! For the same reason, source code is not available (email me if you're interested though).

Downloading ABC files to iPABC

Files can be downloaded into iPABC over the internet in one of three ways :-

  1. By using a direct URL reference to the ABC file, for example "http://home.btconnect.com/stevesj/ipabc/SAMPMUS.ABC" .
  2. By using a page which contains links to the ABC files (only links which refer to a file which ends in '.abc' will be located, for example "http://home.btconnect.com/stevesj/ipabc/abcidx.htm" .
  3. By using a page which contains meta tags referring to the ABC files. The page in the previous item shows how this is done but with the meta tags commented out.

Feel free to use the example web page (abcidx.htm) as a template for your own web pages linking to your own ABC files.

I may at some point write a simple Java based web server application specifically for serving out ABC files to iPABC. This would enable you to more easily serve the ABC files to iPABC without the need for designing web pages. I currently have other priorities so this may not happen for a while !

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Email (Steve Spencer-Jowett) me with any comments about iPABC
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