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New XP version now available

Now fully functional on download - Password Protection removed

MuseLi is no longer maintained - take a look at ABCJ instead.

What is  MuseLi  ?

No it is not a Swiss breakfast cereal !   For many years I have searched  for a music notation program suitable for easily notating traditional folk tunes (or anything else with a single melody line for that matter) and storing them all in one library which is easy to search and not absolutely huge.   It also needed to be useful to beginners for putting in tunes out of tune books when not very good at reading music.   As an extra, I decided it ought help me notating tunes in diatonic accordeon tab as I am currently learning to play one of these beasts !

ABC comes some way to providing what I needed but does not completely answer the problem !

I already use other programs for serious music notation and sequencing.   Unfortunately none of these fitted the bill for what I was seeking.   Eventually I gave up and decided to make my own solution !!

MuseLi  is a program I developed specifically for this purpose.   Being a software developer/designer by trade put me in a position where I could achieve this and learn something new in the process.

MuseLi  should run on Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.

Click  here  for a sample Museli screen without diatonic accordeon tab.

Click here for a sample Museli screen WITH diatonic accordeon tab.

MuseLi  Features

DataBase Features

Printing Features

Tune Features

Playing Features

Notation Features

Editing Features

MuseLi  Availability and Download

A full copy of MuseLi for Windows is available here together with the Microsoft prequisites it needs for older versions of Windows (95,98).   These prerequisites are freely redistributable and you will infringe no copyrights or licensing agreements by downloading and using these.   The prerequisites are stored as a separate download file in case you are downloading a new version of MuseLi and already have the prerequisites installed.   There's no point in wasting your phone bill !   These prereqs are not required for Win2000 or WinXP

MuseLi is now fully functionally and completely free !!!

There is no operational document for MuseLi.   All the information you should need can be accessed from the Help Contents menu within the program itself.

Please read the download and installation instructions before downloading.

Download Microsoft Prerequisites for MuseLi (617K)

Download MuseLi itself (217K)


Registration is no longer necessary.   MuseLi is fully functional and completely free,

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Email me (Steve Spencer-Jowett) with any comments about MuseLi
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