What is PalmABC ?

PalmABC Version History

PalmABC Availability and Download

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What is  PalmABC  ?

As I recently acquired a Palm Vx and increasingly use ABC for storing tunes it seemed a good idea to construct a simple ABC player/editor for the Palm device so I could carry around my tune database.

PalmABC provides the ability to both store, play and edit ABC tunes.  These tunes can also be stored on a PC and transferred in either direction between the PC and the Palm device.   You can also beam (infrared) single tunes to other Palm devices running the program.

A conduit is provided for Windows systems which will provide intelligent synchronization between the PC and the Palm device.

Click  here  for a sample PalmABC screen.

Click  here  for a another sample PalmABC screen.

PalmABC  Version History

Here is a list of the changes I have made to PalmABC since its' inception in June 2001.

The most recent version is available below.

PalmABC  Availability and Download

A full copy of the latest version PalmABC is freely available here under the terms of the GNU public license.

The PalmABC ZIP file contains a README.TXT file which details how to install the package.

Download PalmABC zip file (132K)

Download PalmABC source code zip file (540K)

Download PalmABC conduit source code zip file (76K)

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Email me (Steve Spencer-Jowett) with any comments about PalmABC
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