What is PocketABC ?

PocketABC Version History

PocketABC Availability and Download

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What is  PocketABC  ?

PocketABC is a simple ABC player/editor for Pocket PC 2002 devices such as the iPaq.   It's the equivalent to my PalmABC player/editor for Palm devices.

PocketABC provides the ability to both store, play and edit ABC tunes.  ABC files are transferred to and from the Pocket PC device by the usual Pocket PC techniques.   Unlike the Palm OS version, it is not necessary to provide a special facility for transferring ABC files back and forth.

Click  here  for a sample PocketABC screen.

Click  here  for a another sample PocketABC screen.

PocketABC  Version History

Here is a list of the changes I have made to PocketABC since its' inception in October 2003.

The most recent version is available below.

PocketABC  Availability and Download

A full copy of the latest version PocketABC is freely available here under the terms of the GNU public license.

The PocketABC ZIP file contains a README.TXT file which details how to install the package.

Download the old PocketABC zip file V1.0 for PPC2002 (89K)

Download latest PocketABC zip file V2.0 for PPC2003 only (99K)

Download latest V2.0 PocketABC source code zip file (132K)

Download the raw PocketABC exe file for ARM processors (115K) ... in case the installation program has a problem !

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Email (Steve Spencer-Jowett) me with any comments about PocketABC
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