April 2010

After many trials and tribulations we've finally completed our CD - available here.

After an initial recording session at the Lodge in Northampton it proved impossible to setup another one we could all make. Unfortunately we didn't have enough material for a complete CD at that time and the existing material also needed further engineering. See below for the earlier version of this story which never came to pass. The final solution ... Steve recorded all the new material at his home studio (a euphemism for playroom) and then proceeded to really get grips with the DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) he'd only previously played with (ProTools) ! Following this, all the original material recorded at the Lodge was re-engineered. Steve can now justifiably stop calling himself a 'total novice' and assume the title a 'true amateur' !!!

May 2008

Just on the run up to Southwell Folk Festival now although we won't actually be joining the Gate procession though ! It's all moved on a way since Bob Hine of Dolphin Morris got this all

going some years ago ... Thanks for that Dolphin and Bob in particular. Somehow music always seems to take precedence over dancing these days for me !

Finally getting down to finishing off our CD which we started last year. It's proved problematical getting us all in a studio at the same time for a weekend so we're multitracking the last few tracks instead but will engineer the whole thing at the studio (whether we can all make it or not !!!). See the gallery for some photos in the studio.

August 2007

Been a bit quiet on the festival front this year after numerous festivals last year. Despite having his instruments stolen John managed, in record time, to replace his prized C/F Castagnari just 3 days before setting off to play at Broadstairs Folk Festival ! In the nick of time too, we did two fantastic sessions (a workshop and a Euro-dance) with the inimitable Kerry Fletcher .... have you done a MAZurKA ?! We also did a French bal at the Pavilion the following day.

We've also been busy lately adding tracks to our demo CD which will be winging its way to various festival organizers in the hope of a booking or two (grovel, grovel !).

In addition we've been learning new material lately including some self penned stuff. The trouble is :-

  1. John writes lots of great stuff which he (and us) have forgotten by the following day ... Yes, I know, we should have recorded it at the time :-(
  2. Steve writes stuff which the rest never learn properly and Steve promptly gets a monk on !
  3. Ian doesn't write anything ... to be on the safe side !
  4. We promised to learn a couple of Trevor's but we haven't all got copies yet :-(