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Beneddict Hall Esq 24
Francis Hall 5
Hugh Holdeyne 2
Thomas Hawkins 3
Widdow Durrant 1
Thomas Smyth 2
John Quattermane 2
John Mercer 2
Isaac Weller 3
Ralph Steele 5
John Hine 1
John House 1
John Harper 1
Widdow Johnson 1
John Flexman 1
Magdelene Flexman 1
John Driver 1 pauper (exempt)
Thomas Meene.   pauper (exempt) 

The Hearth Tax was levied for a relatively short period during the reign of Charles II, between 1662 and 1689. The rate of tax was set at 2 shillings for every hearth and fireplace in a dwelling. The additional revenue was intended to augment the income of the newly restored monarchy. The tax, which was extremely unpopular, was levied upon each householder who owned property worth 20 shillings a year or more. Only those in receipt of poor relief or alms were exempt from payment. The Hearth Tax return lists the head of each household and notes the number of hearths, therefore giving an indication of their size and wealth.

For further information see:
Weinstock, M.M.B. 1940. Hearth Tax Returns: Oxfordshire, 1665. Oxfordshire Record SocietyVol. XXI.