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imagemap Church photo/jpeg St. Leonard's Parish Church is a member church of the Church of Scotland which is part of the Presbyterian tradition. The Church of St Leonard is in the town of St Andrews, home of golf and Scotland's oldest University, which is located in the ancient Kingdom of Fife on Scotland's east coast. The present church of St Leonard was built in 1904, but St Leonard's congregation has a long history going back 800 years to the end of the 12th century. You can read something of the church's past in the history and architecture pages of the website.

We hope that you will find something of interest in these pages and if you enjoy this visit that you will come to the church in person where you will be made most welcome.

The bars on the left will take you to most of our other pages. Some titles are not listed on the bars but are linked from listed pages, e.g. pages on the stained glass windows can be accessed from the architecture page.
The Information page, accessible from the bar on the left, gives details of church services, how to contact us and how to get to St Leonards. The News page will be the one updated most frequently. Clicking on Church of Scotland will take you out of this website to the Church of Scotland website.

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