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muriel/jpg The two groups mainly responsible for the smooth running of the church are the Kirk Session and the Congregational Board. A short description of each is given below. Other groups can be found on separate pages by clicking on their titles at the foot of this page.


Muriel Gray          
Session Clerk      
Kirk Session
The Kirk Session consists of a Moderator (the minister), Session Clerk and currently 49 Elders (February 2008). The Session is responsible for the spiritual needs of the congregation and all matters regarding church services, membership and relations with other churches and outside bodies come within its remit.
Until 1991 the Kirk Session also handled the running of the church's material affairs but following a recommendation of the General Assembly it was decided to set up a congregational board.

Congregational Board
In contrast to the Kirk Session, the Board deals with all of the day-to-day concerns of running the church such as finance and property. The composition of the Board is a Chairman (usually, but not always, the minister), twelve elders and twelve elected members of the congregation. One of the 24 is appointed as Clerk to the Board. At present (February 2008) the Clerk is Mr Neil Gillespie, an elected member.

As in any business organisation an annual general meeting of the Congregation (known as the Stated Annual Meeting) is held each Spring when the Treasurer and Property convener give their reports for the year and nominations and elections to the Board take place.

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