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Stained Glass

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A. St. Margaret of Scotland by Margaret Chilton, 1949, including Edinburgh Castle rock and her chapel, the Arms of Scotland and Edward, the Confessor. Presented by Col. Oswald and Mrs. Dykes in memory of their aunt, Mary Josephine Wallace, wife of Rev. R.W. Wallace.

B. "Transfiguration" by Margaret Chilton, 1954, celebrating the Jubilee of the church and the elders who died during that 50 years. (20 names on bronze plate)

C. War Memorial 1914-18 by Alec Walker, 1920, depicting war scenes.

D. "Our Lord and Three Apostles" by Alec Walker, 1921, surmounted by a crucifixion. Presented by the mother in memory of Lt. John A.H. Smith, killed in action 1915.

E. "Lord Meeting Centurion" by Alec Walker, 1922, with small scenes showing healing of servant. Presented by the widow in memory of Major Matthew F.M. Meiklejohn V.C., said to be the last soldier to receive the V.C. personally from Queen Victoria.

F. "Breaking of the Alabaster Box and Raising of Lazarus" by Margaret Chilton, 1934. Presented by the congregation in memory of Rev. Robert Wilfred Wallace (minister 1898-1932).

G. "Triumphal Entry" also "Last Supper" by Margaret Chilton and Marjorie Kemp, 1928, presented by the Work Party.

H. "Crucifixion and Emmaus Story" by Margaret Chilton, 1926. (Note the figure on the right may be a disciple depicted as a woman or is possibly Mary, mother of Jesus, who traditionally is shown in blue in Nativity Plays). Presented by the son and widow in memory of Mr. Alexander Thoms, elder for 41 years.

I. "St. Leonard Liberating the Prisoners" by Margaret Chilton, 1943. Presented by F.M. Heddle in memory of his sister, C.S. Thoms, wife of Alexander Thoms.

J. "Our Lord as Bread of Life" by Henry Holiday, 1904. Presented by Mrs. Thoms in memory of her brother, Robert M. Heddle.

K. "Our Lord as True Vine" by Henry Holiday, 1904. Presented by Mrs. Thoms in memory of her parents, M.F. Heddle and Mary J.S. Heddle.

L. "Blessed Virgin with Holy Child" by Henry Holiday, 1904. Presented by Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thoms in memory of their infant child.

M. "Our Lord as a Boy" by Henry Holiday, 1913 - the scene in Joseph's workshop and in the Temple disputing with the doctors. Presented by Mrs McGregor in memory of her husband, Gregor McGregor, elder.

N. "Our Lord's Baptism and Temptation" by Herbert Hendrie, 1933.

O. "Calling of St. Andrew and St. Philip" by Herbert Hendrie, 1933. Both the above windows were presented by F.G. Tulloch in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grant Tulloch.

P. War memorial 1939-45 by Margaret Chilton, 1946 - depicting Healing Scene and (below) Cleansing of the Temple.


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Margaret Chilton 1875-1962 trained at Royal College of Art, London; own studio in Bristol; moved to Glasgow in 1918, taught at Glasgow School of Art; in 1922, with her student Marjorie Kemp, established studio in Edinburgh. A prolific artist in stained glass. Works in St. John's, Perth, N. Morningside and St. Cuthbert's in Edinburgh, also in the City chambers; "aim to keep glass clear, to use light and bright colours and a good deal of light background".
Responsible for Windows A, B, F, G, H, I, P.

Herbert Hendrie 1887-1976 followed Douglas Strachan who in 1908 set up Department of Stained Glass at Edinburgh Art College; also had a large private practice. Works at St. John's Perth, Glasgow Cathedral, Brechin Cathedral, Paisley Abbey, St. Michael's Linlithgow; a famous series of windows at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Noted for small scintillating panes producing a jewel-like effect.
Responsible for Windows N and O.

Henry Holiday 1839-1927 pre-Raphaelite inspired; in 1861 he followed Byrne-Jones as chief designer at James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars; many examples of work in and around London - St. Margaret's Westminster, Southwark Cathedral etc.
Responsible for Windows J, K, L, M - dark, Old Masterish.

Marjorie Kemp 1886-1975 studied at Glasgow School of Art; set up studio in Edinburgh in partnership with Margaret Chilton 1922. Work at St. John's, Perth.
Responsible for Window G. (in collaboration with Margaret Chilton)

Alexander Walker 1896-1929 trained at Glasgow Athenæum; taught at Glasgow School of Art; a member of Stephen Adam Studio, Glasgow established 1870. Works at St. James' Pollock, Jedburgh Parish Church.
Responsible for Windows C, D, E - bright on greyish backgrounds.

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Notes and diagram by Glen Pride