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New Treasurer sought

Oct 2016: If you have financial experience and would like to volunteer as our Treasurer, please find out more here

Thank you to members/ guests who came to our Brinnington "Meet up"

Sept 2016:thank you for all your feedback! Details on the draws and about the event are on our blog

Carl and Jason at Brinnington event

Stockport employees - new service for you

Sept 2016: Working for a company in Stockport? Read this blog!

Employers - partner with us!

August 2016: The Credit Union offers payroll loans and savings for companies in Stockport - a valued employee benefit! More details on the Employers page

Big Clean in Brinnington

July 2016: Thanks to everyone who helped - as you can see, you really made a difference!

Big Clean Team at Brinnington
Berwick Parade after the Big Clean

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Stockport Credit Union

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Stockport Credit Union is a financial co-operative that provides financial services to people who live or work in Stockport. We are a savings and loan co-operative, which means that if you save with us you can borrow from us. We are run by our members for our members and we are not trying to make profits for other people.

We offer a convenient and secure way to save, a source of loans at affordable rates of interest, and opportunities for worthwhile voluntary work.

You can reach the sections of our website via the blue links above. If you can't find the information you want please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone. If you are struggling with debt or want independent advice about money, look at this list of helpful websites.

Our members say ...

'The credit union is a safe place to keep my money, and the fact I have to give notice to withdraw it helps me to plan my spending.'

'The payroll loan is a great idea. The money goes straight from my employer to the credit union - no missed payments - and I'm saving at the same time. In 9 months I'll have paid my loan and got some money set aside.'

'I joined the credit union because I was in debt and had to change the way I managed my money. Since I started I have accessed enough credit at affordable rates to clear £3,000 of debts ... and when I have paid off my loan in the next three years I will still have savings in the credit union.'

'I like the fact that Stockport Credit Union is owned by its members and is ethical. I'm not saving money with a faceless organisation, and my money stays in Stockport'

Photo of Stockport Town Hall © Andrew Smith, used under Creative Commons license

Stockport Credit Union Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 213305)

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