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Stockport Credit Union Payroll Deduction Scheme

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Join the growing community of Stockport Credit Union Employer Partners. Our Employer Partners include some of Stockport's best-known and most respected employers.

Each Employer Partner provides their workforce with direct access to Stockport Credit Union's secure savings and affordable loans through deduction from their salary each payday (payroll deduction). It's a low-cost employee benefit and is really appreciated by staff. Money invested in Stockport Credit Union is loaned out within Stockport, keeping money in our local community.

Employers who offer this benefit to their employees

Stockport Homes logo Stockport Council logo Stockport NHS logo Rowlinson Knitwear logo Borough Care logo Nexperia logo Seashell Trust logo Pure Innovations logo Solutions SK logo Moor Floors logo St Ann's Hospice logo Quality Care logo Opsium logo MSL Group logo Financial and Legal logo Disability Stockport logo Stockport Credit Union logo Parallax Consultancy logo Tonetech logo

Advantages for the employer

Stress is the main cause of absenteeism in the UK today. Debt and unaffordable loan repayments cause stress, anxiety and depression. Employees may find it hard to focus on work, or start taking days off sick. The employer may be asked for advances or loans to cover emergencies like a car break down, which is embarassing for both parties.

Your employees appreciate this benefit, and it can help to enhance morale and promote staff retention and recruitment.

Pure Innovations say: "Pure is passionate about investing in their workforce and do this in a wide variety of ways. The credit union offers an easy accessible means to save and borrow money in a managed, safe way."

How to join the scheme

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Any employer operating within the borough of Stockport can become an Employer Partner of Stockport Credit Union.To learn more about offering your employees access to payroll savings and loans, call us on 0161 430 5808 or email, and ask for Julie Abbott or Helen Wilman.