Loan calculators

These calculators are provided for information only. Using them does not mean that you are eligible for a loan or that your loan application will be approved.

Calculator 1 - How much will a loan cost me?:

1. Select the loan amount:

Saver loan for less than the amount of your savings
Saver loan between £50 and £4,999
Saver loan £5,000+
Payroll loan up to £5,000
Car Loan £3,000 to £4,999
Car Loan £5,000 to £7,000

2. Choose the frequency of your repayments:


3. Choose the duration of your loan:

50 weeks / 1 year (first loans and loans for annual expenses)
100 weeks / 2 years
150 weeks / 3 years

4. Enter the amount you would like to borrow: £

5. Click this button for the answer:

Calculator 2 - How much can I afford to borrow?:

1. Enter the amount you can afford to repay weekly/monthly: £

2. Choose weekly or monthly from 2. above

3. Click this button for the answer:


(You can enter different numbers and/or choose other options if you want to look at various possibilities: just click the 'calculate' button again whenever you make a change.)

Read the page on loan interest rates for more information on rates of interest