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Reviews of Stockport Credit Union

Our members often tell us what Stockport Credit Union means to them. Some stories are shared here.

A dad joins after his daughter saved and borrowed with Stockport Credit Union

January 2018: A new member came to join us today because his daughter had had such a positive experience with Stockport Credit Union. She joined 6 months ago through Stockport Homes to save for the deposit on her home. The credit union encouraged to save for herself too and by Christmas she had £100. She then took out a Saver loan at 3x her savings - £300 – and had a great Christmas with the kids. Her dad was so impressed he came in to join as well.


"Your welcome to a Sunday dinner anytime"

January 2018: A member emailed us, delighted with his new cooker, bought with a loan from Stockport Credit Union

"My cooker has been delivered and installed - All good. I just wanted to take the time to say 'thank you' for your help and advice with this matter plus the fact I met a real person. Your welcome to a Sunday dinner anytime"

"I've been so impressed I'm carrying on saving for next Christmas"

December 2017: A member wrote:

"I joined the Credit Union last January. I saved an amount every month directly from my salary, so I didn't miss it, and this was put into the Christmas Savings Club. You can save as little or as much as you can afford and because you can't access the money until November, you just forget about it until Christmas which makes you more disciplined".

"By November I'd saved a good amount which helped towards buying presents and paid for a trip to visit my brother in York. I've been so impressed I'm carrying on and saving for Christmas 2018.”

"Stockport Credit Union helped me help my mum"

November 2017, one of our members who works at an Employer Partner says:

"I can highly recommend joining up, I’m saving with them regularly direct from my salary and their team helped me get a loan to help my mum out of a crisis. The staff are very helpful and friendly too."

"Stockport Credit Union was an absolute godsend!"

September 2017: Spoke to a very happy member, who joined us 20 years ago. The credit union was "an absolute godsend" in the early days, and she saved and borrowed from us regularly, including to replace the windows in her house.

These days our member is able to borrow at lower rates, so uses us mainly for savings. Sometimes she forgets how much she has stashed in her credit union account. I asked "how much do you think you've got at the moment?" and she guessed £300, but it was £650! She is "extremely appreciative" of how the credit union supported her and "wouldn't have been without it". She recommends us to others often, including at work, as she works for one of our Employer Partners, where employees can save straight from their salary, or borrow and repay from salary.

"Thank you, Credit Union"!

August 2017: A member rang Stockport Credit Union to check her savings balance, and in the course of the call told us how much the credit union had helped her, especially in getting to the US with her family for the holiday of a lifetime.

She was able to borrow 3 times her savings and take a pot of money with her. Without the credit union, she says she would not have been able to borrow the money. Every time she bought a treat for the grandkids she said "Thank you, Credit Union"!

This member carries Stockport Credit Union membership forms in her handbag and tells all her friends and family about saving and borrowing with us.

A lifetime's dream realised

A member from Brinnington says "Stockport Credit Union helped me achieve a lifetime's dream for my daughter by getting us to New York for her 12th birthday.

I saved like crazy for a year, bought the flights, then carried on saving and took out a small loan. so we could spend our way round the shops...I'm now saving for her 18th birthday to take her to California!"