rhododendron on the lawn

Stronachullin Lodge - Latest News updated 27th January 2010

January 2010

Emerging from the coldest winter we've seen for a long time - from beautiful powder snow on Christmas Eve, to ice on the drive which had to be broken up with a pick-axe to let us get to the village! The rhododendrons looked strange with their leaves drooping down for protection from the cold. 'Christmas Cheer' is just starting to flower now, a welcome sight.

June 2009

After a magnificent display in the garden this spring, we are looking forward to more sunshine. The weather has been warm and sunny so far - too hot for midges!

February 2009

While the rest of the country struggles through heavy snow, we can still see the grass! There's snow on the hills round about, and it's cold, but we're enjoying fine weather. Several rhododendrons are flowering, also witch-hazel, and autumn cherry.

Winter 2008 -

After a cold spell in December, we had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We're looking forward to seeing old faces and new in 2009.

25th August 2003 - Caileag's puppies have arrived! Check out Caileag's pups for photos of the puppies!

Summer 2003 -

A wonderful summer, with a heatwave in early August.

Spring 2003 -

dolphins playing in Loch Fyne! We watched them from just outside the house.

Summer 2002 -

bookings are coming in steadily, and we look forward to welcoming familiar faces from other years - people and dogs!

New Year 2002 -

With a hard frost and snow on the ground, the short days were sunny and cold. Nightime saw clear skies, with the full moon rising over the loch in early evening. Jupiter was prominent throughout the evening.

Wildlife -

the bird table attracts a wide variety of birds - including a woodpecker - with tits in great numbers, finches, siskins, blackbirds and a robin. A welcome visitor this year has been a red squirrel. We've even had a heron!