Plant of the Month

April 2007

Stronachullin is at it's best, and our visitors are enjoying the spring sunshine. A group from the Royal Horticultural Society visited the garden in early April, and were especially excited to find a rhododendron considered to be rare. They were even more excited when they found a further 7 plants! The plant in question is R. arboreum ssp. delavayi var. albotomentosum. For the less technically minded, it is a glorious shade of red. The photo of it with it's new fan club shows a specimen which was almost lost to frost some years ago. It is recovering well, and even has some new growth coming from the base. You can see some of the dead wood right on top.

The plants were grown from seed collected by F Kingdon Ward in 1956 on Mount Victoria, in Burma.

R. arboreum ssp. delavayi var. albotomentosum

Primula vulgaris

R. arboreum ssp. delavayi var. albotomentosum with admirers

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