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    Welcome to the all-in-one site for everything relating to Kids football (or soccer to those on the other side of the pond). This site aims to be your single reference point for all things you need to coach, run or play kids football. While it is hosted and run out of the UK, the content is sutable for whereever football and soccer is played and enjoyed.

    Coaching kids football is one of the most rewarding things you can do. There is immense pleasure to be derived from watching a bunch of kids bond into a team over weeks, months and years. While there are certainly challenges involved - especially when trying to deal with the expectations of kids and parents - the benefits far outweigh these challenges for you and, more improtantly, for the kids.

    Through football, kids - be they boys or girls - learn important life lessons. They learn to win, learn to lose, learn to work as part of a team and learn to set and achieve goals - and all this while staying fit and having fun. What could be better? And as their coach, mentor or manager you are there to help them through these things without it seeming like a school lesson.

    The most important thing you can do for them at the early stages is KEEP IT FUN.

    Remember that you are almost certainly not dealing with a boy or girl who is going to be the next world soccer superstar - so don't try to treat them like little professionals. The kids will be with you primarily to have fun and play football with their mates. Keep it that way.

    Through this site I hope to provide information that will be useful for the beginner, and some useful drills and practice sessions as your experience increases. You can navigate around the site using the menu bar on the left. Use this to get to the pages giving you FREE football and soccer drills and excercises, and to give some background on my thoughts about how to set-up and run a youth soccer football team.

    Most importantly, have fun. Soccer/Football are is a great sport. You, and the kids, should enjoy it.

    Football 4 All