Surge Arrester Specialists

About Surgetech

The Company was set up in 1990 by John Stevens and Bill Jones who were both employed by one of the foremost manufacturing companies of the day.   They gained experience in design, manufacturing and sales where they held senior positions. 

Since its formation, Surgetech has become known for its expertise in finding solutions where hazards exist due to electrical surges caused by the effects of lightning, electrical switching and other phenomena.   These hazards are overcome  by selecting suitable products from manufacturers  world wide, using existing Surgetech products, or producing a device tailor-made to solve a specific problem.   

Surgetech now has an international reputation providing its own manufactured products and solving electrical surge problems in many countries from Scandinavia to Western Samoa. 

With the emphasis on ‘Health and Safety’, and the associated regulations, Surgetech is equipped to carry out building and site surveys to assess the risk from lightning and its induced electrical surges, on structures, equipment and personnel. 

AUGUST 2 1998