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3 - Electrode

2 - Electrode

  Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arresters act as voltage-dependent plasma switches. Their construction consists of a glass or ceramic envelope which separates two or more electrodes and which is filled with an inert gas.

The high insulation resistance and low capacitance makes them almost invisible to electronic and telecommunications circuits under normal conditions.Immediately an overvoltage surge is detected the Surge Arrester will divert the surge, usually to earth, thus protecting the circuit, equipment and personnel from damage or even injury. Once the surge has passed the Arrester will revert to its "invisible" state. Provided it is used according to its specification a life in excess of 25 years can be expected diverting surges caused by lightning, power switching, and other phenomena.

GDT surge Arresters are available for protecting circuits from overvoltages ranging from 70 volts to several kilovolts and surge currents up to 40 kA depending on the application. They may be used on their own or combined with Transient Voltage Suppressors in "hybrid" circuits to protect low voltage data lines. They may also be used with Varistors in Power Line Protectors to protect AC Power Systems.

Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arresters are the protection of choice for telecommunications systems - hundreds of millions are in use in telephone exchanges and telecommunications equipment worldwide.

Care is needed in the selection of these components to ensure their correct operation - Surgetech are able and willing to give the advice required.