Austin Rover Maestro 1.6L 

June 2005 - My wife has just passed her test and needs a car...........

What a bargain. This car was a "first" car for a fellow member of the Sussex Modified Car Club.
When he bought a Golf GTi and planned to scrap this one I offered to take it off his hands and a
deal was struck, I would just pay for the remaining tax. He was going to deliver the car to me and
I would give him a lift 30 miles back home but he had problems with insurance so my wife and I
jumped on a train. As the local ticket office was closed I planned to pay on the train but there
was no inspector and the ticket collector at the other end just waved us through as he had no
credit card reader so we got there for nothing.

The drive home revealed the car was running very warm and there was a nasty knock from the
suspension. Upon lifting the bonnet I found the oil filler cap had neatly been left next to the
hole and as an after market cam cover gasket had been fitted (the O/E gasket has a cover piece
over the cam shaft) the whole engine bay had been covered in oil, nice.

The radiator had seen better days, about 75% was missing! and I had to add 6 pints of water!

After replacing the radiator with a scrap yard purchased version from a 1.3 which is slightly smaller
and driving the car for a few days I found it to be a bit lumpy so replaced the plugs, leads, cap and
rotor arm with new ones and the air filter was swapped for a K&N one I had kicking around.

The knocking noise was easily fixed by replacing the broken outer O/S anti roll bar bush as the
bolt had snapped off, I say easy but of course the whole area was covered in oil!

The body was interesting, the lacquer had been peeling so the PO mopped the car with cutting
compound in order to get the sheen back, unfortunately taking the remaining lacquer and some
of the paint off leaving just primer in places doesn't work.

Then let your mates loose with a key.........And then strip the interior...................

We have replaced the bonnet and grill with MG items (I know, it's not cricket) and
reinstalled the single rear seat. The doors are all shot and the sills need repairing,
inside and out.

3-1-06 Update - As we have now replaced this car I stripped it of all useful parts and
delivered what was left to the local breakers yard.

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