Range Rover Classic Vouge SE 3.5 V8

from when I first saw one when I was about 7 years old I have always wanted a Range Rover. It turns out that they were released to the press on my 6th birthday! I had always loved the sound of the Rover V8 engine, nothing beats that rumble.When the time came for a new family car we thought about a sensible Vauxhall Safira 2.0TD but as we don't often need a sensible family car why not get something I really fancied - a Range Rover. Getting lazy in my old age I decided an auto would be good and air con is a must for trips to Spain, research showed that the Vouge fitted these requirments as well as having leather seats and lots of toys, a post '89 with "fly-by-wire" injection and the larger 3.9 Classic Vouge SE 3.5 V8