Beesting Aerial -

The fitting of the rear centre aerial was easy -

Peel back the edge of the boot opening headlining, drill and fit the aerial just far enough forward to clear the framework in the roof and so the boot opens (don't forget to the bolt in the base effectively raises the aerial when positioning so allow for this). (tip - the base needs a good earth, especially if amplified so use a "spiky" washer, to prevent rust then paint over the bolt after testing)

Thread the coax through the roof lining towards the NSF corner where the old one is, if you have a sunroof the seal can be moved to aid access.

Remove old aerial, cut the cable and either fix a new female terminal to this or tape the new lead to it and feed it down the door pillar, it comes out just above the fuse box from behind a hole that has a foam block in it. (tip - push the cable from the top, then pull the slack from the bottom, do this several times).

Connect the aerial to the head unit. Test the reception on the head unit before putting everything back together, make sure you can get some distant stations on the radio.

I used a Vauxhall Corsa aerial (about 18 from the main dealer) as this has a pre amp in the base, the pre amp power supply is within the coax cable and should be wired to a switched "ignition live +12v supply" such as the one that comes out of the back of most modern head units.

Total time 1.5  hr.

Then you need to seal the old hole, a welded patch is best, filler tends to crack after a while.

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