Rover Maestro Clubman D (2.0 MDi)

We have never owned a clubman spec maestro (except the van of course) or a diesel before. We were on the look out for a replacement for the 1.6L as it reached the end of its serviceable life when this was advertised on the Triple-M site.

When the car arrived I was very pleased as it actually looked better than described. There are a few dents but nothing major, a bit of surface rust on the rear arches and a few filler patches on the doors. A P/O has coated the lower doors with underseal which will need cleaning off and the lacquer on the boot has been damaged but all in all the condition is good, especially on a 12 year old car.

The engine is a mystery! I have never worked on a diesel before.

I noticed the wiring around the fuel pump didn't look correct, this required further investigation. It was from an alarm which is no longer fitted to the car so I removed it.

I was considering the fitting of an intercooler, just not sure where. We also considered replace the grill with a MG one as they look nicer (I know, it's not cricket) and do something about those economy bumpers but I have no major modification plans.

However when the MOT became due I decided to scrap the car as the cost of a new windscreen and repairs to wheel bearings far out weighed the value of the car, the engine went to Holland for a Land Rover, other parts have gone to other Maestro owners. The shell awaits its final end, RS200?

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