Della Foglia

Manufactures Trunnion (including double ball) and Floating Ball Valves, completely in their Marnate & Gorla Plants in Varese, Northern Italy, for a wide range of applications, including Cryogenic, Zero Fugitive Emissions, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature (Thermal Expansion), High Pressure and Sub-sea.

Sizes range from ½" to 64"; from 150 to 2500 Class to API6D and 2000 to 15000 Class to API6A.

Body construction can be one piece top entry or multi-piece side entry, with flanged (bolted), welded and threaded end connections; soft, metal /metal or metal & soft seat designs; in a range of appropriate seals; bonnet design in either standard anti-blowout, extended for LT or designed for HT service; lever, gearbox or actuator operated in the full range of materials, including CRA clad.