FAI Officine di Carvico

Established in 1961, FAI designs and fabricates a large range of equipment, specializing in heavy wall, weld overlay cladding and exotic materials.

Pipeline Equipment

  • Pig/Sphere Launcher/Receiver Traps c/w quick-opening end closures of various design
  • Sphere/Flow (Barred) Tees, Anchor Flanges and Isolating Joints
  • Sub-sea, piggable, forged Wye/Lateral pieces
  • Skid-Mounted process packages
  • Subsea Piggable WYE/Lateral Pieces

Pressure Vessels/Heat Exchangers

  • Columns/Towers
  • Separators/Slug Catcher Vessels & Systems (piping)
  • Drums & General Pressure Vessels
  • Process Packages
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (incl.Helix type)

Speciality Products

  • Columns/Towers
  • Manifolds/Headers with seamless multi extruded branches
  • Water/Desalination Screenings Systems
  • Skid-mounted packages