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Welcome to HEAT4, the future of Intelligent Heating Management. Designed for all types of community buildings with the help of people with the responsibility of managing them.

Our unique Heating Management System provides total control for your building, from wherever you are. It's an Intelligent Heating Management System - with Predictive Control to ensure that you attain the right temperature at the right time. It's controlled remotely, so it allows you the flexibility to control from anywhere with a web connection. And most importantly, it's extremely cost effective - allowing you to make savings of up to 40% over conventional 7 day programmer systems.

Our system can be fitted to any building, allowing total and flexible control of multiple heated zones via our unique and easy to use software application. Our clients have learned that this system is the best available for flexibility, ease of use and economy. Sounds too good to be true? Find out more about how HEAT4 can work with you from initial consultation to fully fitted, fully supported Intelligent Heating Management System - at a price that is hard to believe. A fully fitted 4 Zone System can be as little as £1950. This includes a brand new Windows 10 tablet PC.


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May 2018

We are pleased to announce that all our future digital and social media design work will be carried out by:-



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A First Class Heating Solution for Community Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Community Buildings
The national charity "National Energy Action" (NEA) has produced this very usefull guide / workbook to help management committiees to make good decisions in reducing fuel costs. <click here> to download the .pdf file.

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