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About HEAT4 Intelligent Heating Management

HEAT4 is a trading division of Telemetry-Online Ltd(Company No. 4645707 Incorporated 2003). The HEAT4 system was originally a bespoke development for a large church in Northern Ireland in 2007. The system has been in continuous use since and is shown to have made 43% energy savings in the last 5 years with appreciated improvements in comfort and ease of management.

HEAT4 measures the actual inside and outside temperatures and the latest local weather forecasts every minute of every day to make sure the temperature is always comfortable and energy is efficiently used

HEAT4 has been developed to provide remote and flexible heating control for:

  • public buildings
  • community centres
  • village halls
  • churches
  • offices
  • meeting rooms
  • the larger domestic property
  • It has been specially developed to be easy to use, self managing and energy saving.

HEAT4 offers 3 main advantages:


  • HEAT4's Predictive Control™ allows the user to completely eliminate any wasted heat that occurs when a building or room is being heated but not occupied.

  • HEAT4's software can calculate the exact time it needs to switch the heating on, in order for a building/room to reach a certain temperature, at a certain time.

  • HEAT4 uses real-time outsite temperature updates and weather forecasts to make sure the temperature is always comfortable.


  • HEAT4 can control the heating of up to 16 zones/rooms independently.

  • HEAT4 can be used to control your heating from ANYWHERE via the internet, including smartphone and tablet computer access using the excellent Logmein™ service.

  • HEAT4 fully intergrates into your current/new heating setup.


  • HEAT4 reduces your heating waste and thus saves energy, reduces your carbon footprint and helps the enviroment.

  • HEAT4 software calculates how much money you save, so you know its a good investment.

  • HEAT4 is recomended by The Carbon Trust as a tool for reducing carbon output.


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