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HEAT4 Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Case 1


St James the Great Morpeth

St James's Church, Morpeth is a large, mid 19th century Victorian building. Adequately heating the church for services and events had historically proved not only expensive and frequently wasteful of gas, but inconvenient to control, requiring repeated visits to the building to manually arrange heating for events and services which could not be programmed into the existing week-long timing device.

Late in 2011, computer control of the twin boilers from Heat4 was installed, which effectively came on-stream from Jan 1st 2012. All aspects of installation were professionally handled by the Heat4 team, with no disruption to the regular running of the building. It was immediately apparent that the ability to set up both a regular week-long heating schedule, and to pre-program special heating periods up to a year in advance was going to prove most convenient.

Finally, backup and technical support from Heat4 has been excellent. Minor teething problems with the system were all promptly and efficiently dealt with, and advice on temperature settings, lengths of heating periods and the most efficient way to use the system is always just a phone-call or email away. Dave Pope, St James's Church http://www.parishofmorpeth.org.uk/stjames/index.html


Case Study 2:



International China Concern H.Q

"At International China Concern we have been delighted with Heat 4. We have a small office and our heating was controlled by a 24 hour timer, which meant the heating was often on when it was not needed, like at weekends.

Now we have full control when the heating needs to be on. It takes account of the outsite temperature meaning the office is the right temperature for when we arrive, not too hot if it has been mild, or too cold during a cold spell. I can not remember the last time we had to open our windows to let out heat! The feature I really like is being able to control the system wherever I have an internet connection - no more special trips to the office just to change the heat settings. The staff at Heat 4 monitor the system and have often resolved any issues before we know about them. It is a great service. I am looking forward to see how much money we have saved the charity at the end of the year" - R.Hubbard, Director of National Offices.


Case Study 3:

case 3


Finaghy Baptist Church Northern Ireland

"The control of our heating system at Finaghy Baptist Church was always problematic. We have a wonderfully versatile building which is put to good use. The plumbing of the heating system reflects this versatility with three zone pumps and electric valves. Control used to be with two seven day conventional clock programmers in the boiler room.Keeping the clock programmers up to date with our two week pattern of use plus special events was a real headache. Also the programmers took no account of current weather, thus increasing fuel use or reducing comfort for occupants.
So we asked Peter of Telemetry-Online Ltd if it was possible for us to have a system, which could be run over the internet.

We worked with Peter over 2 years to fine tune the system development, and the result is HEAT4. We are proud to have one of the first production units installed and working well. Now we can re programme the heating over the internet and it then looks after itself, optimising the use of fuel and even sending an email if it thinks there may be a fault. The HEAT4 Energy log shows how we have reduced our carbon footprint and saved money".- Ashley Eves Treasurer


Case Study 4:

case 4


St Mary's Cathedral Middlesbrough

St Mary's Cathedral has recently had a HEAT4 system installed to control its 4 heating zones. This wonderful building has both radiator and under floor heating areas which were problematic to control for comfort and economy. HEAT4 hardware was easily integrated into the existing controls to provide intelligent heating management.


Case Study 5:

case 5


Dundonnald Baptist Church, Northern Ireland

This versatile modern building has very responsive all electric heating. There are four zones with quite different patterns of use and temperature requirements. Electricity can be a very expensive form of heating. However the buildings excellent thermal insulation combine with the precision of HEAT4 control to provide an economical solution that provides comfortable conditions at just the right time

Endorsement: New and Renewable Energy Centre

"Narec sees that one of the ways forward in significant energy saving is to have accurate heating controls linked to optimising boiler switch on times. We are supporting HEAT4 partly because the energy saving log will provide data to prove or disprove our views. The internet linked diary system maximises this system for possible energy saving"

Relevant Authorities and Literature

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust was set up to provide specialist support to business and the public sector to help cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialise low carbon technologies. They provide interest free loans for energy saving equipment. Their website has very useful information about the efficient use of energy. In particular you can obtain a free copy of their publication "CTG065 Technology Guide - Heating Control, Maximising comfort, minimising energy consumption". We are very pleased to confirm that HEAT4 meets and exceeds all the recommended capabilities of modern control systems.HEAT4 provides Building Energy Management System (BEMS) at a fraction of the normal cost with the added features of remote access, email alerts and automatic adjustments based on the local BBC weather forecast. P Chambers. MD Telemetry-Online Ltd.

Newcastle Science City

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