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Is HEAT4 just what you are looking for?  Use HEAT4 to control our Test Rig 2 and see the results in the live video window below.


By email request you can remotely access and use the PC and the HEAT4 application that is running this "Test Rig".

The 4 lamps you see simulate  zone valves / pumps / boilers being ON/OFF or RUNNING/STOPPED.

You will be able to access and try all the features of the latest pre-production release of the HEAT4 application.

Request remote access to this test rig from the comfort of your PC , phone or tablet by emailing us your contact details <click Here>. We will normally respond within 24 hours with your access code and clear instructions.


HEAT4 Hardware seems to be flood proof. from HEAT4 on Vimeo.




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