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HEAT4 Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the HEAT4 system save us?

It will definitely save energy and money over conventional time clock controls. It will intelligently control your heating system to give you only the heat you require when you require it. It cuts out all periods of unnecessary boiler firing. Its use of accurate local internet weather forecasts and its respondes in real time to local weather conditions
With motorized zone valves it is possible to save even more energy because HEAT4 can control these to your exact requirements. Our first customer who has been using HEAT4 for over 5 years has a 3 zone system and has saved 43% in terms of energy use and over £3400 in reduced bills.

The savings will vary with the size of building and its pattern of use but a 20% saving is a reasonable target for even a one zone heating system. If your buildings annual heating bill is £2000 or more it will be very worthwhile calling us on 01670 518176 for completely free and without obligation advice about your particular buildings heating.

How long does it take to install?

This varies with the size and complexity of the building but usually 1 to 2days.

Do you need to have an internet connection?

Yes. We can install broadband internet on an existing phone line. Alternatively we can survey your building for a wireless 3G or 4G service. You will find there are many other advantages in having your building connected to the internet.

How reliable is HEAT4?

The HEAT4 software has proved to be very reliable. Our first installation has run for over five year without problems. Our hardware has no maintenance requirements. HEAT4 software is very efficient and puts little demand on the processing capabilities of modern computers

Does HEAT4 notify me of problems with the heating system?

Yes. The system self monitors and monitors the operation of the heating plant every minute of every day. If it decides there may be a problem it generates an Email to us and up to 4 email addresses. Out HEAT4 Total Care service also monitors your system over longer periods to pick up trends in your heating systems performance. This can show up changes in the insulation and ventilation pattern of your building as well as problems affecting the heating plant efficiency

What prevents unauthorised control of our heating system?

You have the normal pc access security of a user name and password. Only people with this information can access your HEAT4 system. Furthermore HEAT4 has its own password for updating the engineering configuration of HEAT4 to match your installation. If you do not require our HEAT4 Total Care service after the guarantee period all passwords can be changed as you choose.

Can the system be hidden or must it be in the open next to a modem/ router for example?

It can be very discreetly installed. A "Relay Control Box" is generally installed somewhere in the boiler room or close by. The "HEAT4 Control Box" and PC/laptop are normally installed together in the same area close to a 240v socket. The temperature sensors are housed in small boxes connected by cable. The Heat 4 system is very flexible in this respect. It uses discreet industry standard signal cables and can also use radio controlled devices where required.

Is it easy to use?

We have worked hard with the help of customers to make the HEAT4 user screens intuitive and user friendly. HEAT4 interface is being continually improved to work well with the developments in mobile internet access such as Smart Phones and Tablets. Despite its sophistication all the system needs to know is the day time you want a zone heated and to what temperature. This is achieved with simple mouse clicks in HEAT4's heating diaries familiar to any computer user. If you do not wish to do this yourself we can do it all for you 24 hours a day in response to a phone call, email or text.

Can more than one person operate HEAT4 remotely?

Yes! Anyone with the user name and password can access HEAT4. Only one person can be logged on to the system at any one time.

Why is HEAT4 better than a standard seven day Programmer? Should we install a full Building Energy Management System (BMS)?

See our features and benefits comparison chart:


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