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HEAT4 are finalists in the H&V News Awards 2016 - Retrofit Project of the Year Category

We are to present our heating design and project management work to a panel of judges in London on Friday 11th March. The installation of a new heating system in the refurbished New Life Christian Centre Morpeth is being considered for "Retrofit Project of the Year Category"



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"A First Class Heating Solution for Community Buildings"

"Take a Windows10 Tablet and Make Your Boiler Room Better"

"SPC (Statistical Process Control) and the Village Hall Committe"

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Funding for Community Building Projects

The "Big Lottery Fund UK" may be a source of funding for your projects


HEAT4 Customer Confirms 9 Years of Energy Savings

The customer who first commissioned Telemetry-Online to build a remote operated heating control system, and collaborated with its development, was Finaghy Baptist Church in Northern Ireland. They have a versatile 1960’s building which is well used by the local community with 3 heating zones. We have now completed a “degree day” study using 11 years of comprehensive energy records.

A “degree day” analysis is the industry standard way of making true comparisons from one heating season to the next, despite the differences in outside temperatures. It clearly shows that in the 9 years since the prototype HEAT4 system was commissioned there has been 36% reduction in expected consumption. This is with greatly increased comfort levels and increased occupancy.

Sophisticated controls  

HEAT4 Version 7: Simple Sophisticated Control

The latest release of our dependable HEAT4 software is now available for download. We predict that Version 7 will save even more energy for our customers. It has several sophisticated new features behind the scenes that will keep temperatures feeling “just right”. We have also taken the opportunity to improve the “look and feel” of HEAT4. Customer suggestions have been very helpful in making HEAT4 even simpler to operate. With its sophisticated self monitoring you can confidently “set and forget” your heating requirements up to a year in advance.

Just click on “Change View > “ to either have the comprehensive view that shows what is happening next or click again to have this compact view.

The compact view is much easier to view on your smart phone or tablet but still gives you the instant access to all you need to set up and adjust your heating on the move

There is also a new “Forecast” button. Click on this to pop up a useful view of the next 24hrs weather in your area.
It is this comprehensive information that is used by release7 to make sophisticated adjustments that save energy and ensure comfort. Release7 of HEAT4 has many other improvements behind the scenes that will be appreciated by heating professionals, allowing them to give the very best in proactive customer service.

Smart Set Points  

HEAT4 is getting SMART with Set Points

We believe that HEAT4 is the first heating management system to be able to adapt to our physiological and psychological needs and take account of general weather conditions. What temperatures we want in a zone of a building depends on several factors including:-

  • What activity we are doing

  • The current weather conditions

  • How long we have been there and how soon we are leaving

HEAT4 Release7 uses the detailed local weather forecast to make the crucial decision about when to start to pre-heat each zone and then makes subtle adjustments during the heating period to minimise energy use and maximise comfort. HEAT4 is easily configured by you or your heating service provider to suit you and your building’s requirements.

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