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The Technology that drives HEAT4...

HEAT4 is designed to rugged industrial standards and will easily integrate in to any existing heating system and all new and future replacement systems for many years to come.

A typical HEAT4 system comprises simply of:

  • HEAT4 Control Box
  • HEAT4 Bolier Control Box
  • HEAT4 Netbook PC
  • HEAT4 Temperature Sensors

It has been specially designed so that integration in to a current heating system is easy!

How does it work?

  • The HEAT4 Boiler Control Box takes over control of the boiler and zone vales etc.

  • The HEAT4 Control Box gathers information from the Boiler Box and temperature sensors, and relays it to the netbook. Commands issued by the HEAT4 software are instigated by the control box.

  • The HEAT4 Netbook is constantly running the HEAT4 software with the lid closed using minimal power, while connected to the internet.

  • The HEAT4 Software controls the whole heating system and displays all the information gathered by the hardware. All zone temperatures, the outside temperature, and the latest local weather forecast are displayed. Temperatures can be set for individual zones and initiated instantly or using the Diary Function can be sheduled in.

  • The system uses up to date weather forecast data from the internet and also makes subtle adjustments according to the type of weather being experienced to ensure comfort whatever the weather.

Because the HEAT4 Netbook is constantly connected to the internet, the HEAT4 software running on it can be accessed from any internet connected device through a service called Logmein™.

This gives you the freedom to make any changes to your heating system wherever you are!

How does HEAT4 match up to the best industry design recommendations?

  • The best advice on heating management and technology is published by the Carbon Trust in a document "Heating Control - Maximising comfort, minimising energy consumption". HEAT4 matches and exceeds the recommendations offering new features at a fraction of the cost of a large fully integrated Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Being a small agile company we are able to continusously improve and develop HEAT4. All existing and new customers enjoy these developments for a very modest cost as part of our our HEAT4 Total Care Service.

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A visual representation of the HEAT4 system:-

HEAT4 System Diagram


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