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Another boat getting a makeover

Comfy shaped armchair. Hugs the back

It isn't always about measuring, marking, cutting out and machining. Sometimes it's about templating in cramped, awkward places such as this lovely boat. The last photo is a draughtsman at work in a tight spot!

A pair of chairs with a sensuously curved outline. The fabric chosen is Abraham Moon in pure, soft, maroon wool.

Several pairs of curtains and cushions later and the Lodges are refurbished with striped satin fabric.

A modern twist on an old sofa. But this lovely striped fabric resembles the regency stripes regularly used on traditional furniture. New foam cushions replaced feathered ones which will last for years.

Another Ercol sofa. they just keep arriving! This time upholstered in a wool, lime green wool fabric from 'Bute Fabrics' in Rothesay

A fragile, cute chair as simple decoration for a corner of a bathroom

Sometimes I get asked to make curtains that drape on the floor rather than 1cm off the floor level. This is a personal taste and I am always happy to comply with a clients wishes. It does look lovely when draped to the side with tiebacks but aesthetically it doesn't look correct to my eye

The tub chair was bought from a well known store but I was asked to re-cover it with a few scraps of fabric. One can't tell from the photos but the chair has about 6 pieces of fabric joined to create the pattern. There wasn't enough to do the back so a plain piece was chosen to compliment the colour and finally a last piece was used to cover a seat for a LLoyd Loom chair. A very economical way to refresh a run down piece of furniture

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