Welcome to Louise Lunness-barnes dental clinic

Established in 1990 The Dental Clinic has provided compassionate, quality dentistry for thousands of people. Described by patients who know us well as warm and friendly, we are proud to boast a loyal team who create the “warm and friendly” atmosphere, by simply working well together.

“I opened my own dental clinic in 1990 because I wanted to provide dentistry in the way I would like to receive it. I believe that when you visit, you will experience warmth and sincerity from my team and honest, compassionate, skilled dentistry.  I understand that few people actually ‘enjoy’ visiting the dentist but love the feeling of a clean, healthy, well maintained mouth.  It is a simple and proven truth that when we make your experience at my clinic the best it can be – you will want to come back.”


Cosmetic Dentistry / Whitening

Whichever tooth we work on be it filling, crowning, tooth bleaching, orthodontics, implant or replacing with a denture we will work hard to achieve the best possible aesthetics.



Implants are usually chosen by patients who want to fill unsightly gaps or want to improve how they chew, and want to achieve this without a denture or any destruction to otherwise healthy teeth.


Snoring Cessation

Simple snoring is caused by soft tissue partially obstructing the airway during sleep. In Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) the airway totally closes causing people to stop breathing periodically while they’re asleep.


Headache Management

Often referred to as TMD the “T” stands for the temple, “M” for mandible or jaw and “D” for disorder.


The Dental Clinic is a two treatment room practice at Allington Drive in Strood Kent. There is non-restricted parking outside the building and the interior is situated entirely on the ground floor. A ramp is available to access the building, please ask the reception team if you would like to use it.
The treatment rooms are accessible for most people including wheelchair users. Please contact our reception team if you have any queries or special needs.

British Dental Association

We are delighted to announce that we have earned recognition on the British Dental Associations Good Practice Scheme.


Dental Phobia Certified Clinic

Dr Louise Lunness-Barnes is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist.