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Beer & Winecraft is a Newport based homebrew supplies shop that is patronised by home brewers from the surrounding areas of Cardiff, Cwmbran, Pontypool and many places further afield in South Wales.

In our homebrew beer kits and grains section you will find a selection of the best homebrewing malt extract kits that we have personally brewed and enjoyed, if we don't like it we won't stock it.  Also available are malts and grains for the more advanced brewer that likes to go full mash.

Our Wine Kits and ingredients let you homebrew wine that is better than many commercially available wines, are simple to brew and are ready in only a few weeks.

To get you started we have all the homebrewing equipment you'll need like brew bins, hydrometers, funnels, jugs and spoons - and in wine brewing equipment you'll find demi johns, bungs, filters, racks and bottles.

Once you've brewed your beer you're going to need somewhere to store it, in beer pressure barrels and bottles we have everything you need.

Chemicals and additives may also be needed whether it be for sterilising brewing equipment, to get the most out of your wine starting materials or avoiding a stuck fermentation