I will be giving a talk about the Wax Dome and related topics on Thursday 11th. August at York City Art Gallery at 7.30pm

Ken and Rowan in the flint barn

Artist - Ken Parsons, Nottingham on-site construction - Ken & Bibi, Computer programming for sound and light - Matthew Parsons. Voice-over - Amber Parsons, Construction Ken Parsons and Mike Askew with help from Duncan, Rowan Banks(and Peta) and Daven Parsons. 

Acknowledgement for Dome framework construction expertise and hubs to Udgar Parsons at Growing Spaces

Many thanks to Caroline Smallwood for her vision and enthusiasm,  to Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the.Esmee Fairbairn foundation


‘’Dawn rises over the Carboniferous Forest 300 million years ago’’.

This is an age of heat and lush vegetation. On the land there are huge fern trees up to 60 feet high, enormous 130 ft club mosses and giant horsetails ten times larger than today’s varieties. In the seas, billions of tiny diatoms live and die. Trapped and transformed by pressure and heat this vegetation metamorphoses into coal and oil.

From this oil comes the paraffin wax that recreates the carboniferous forest that you see in front of you; created by millions of years of sunlight. This is the accumulated heat that we are now releasing into our atmosphere in only a few hundred years.’’

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