Third Eye Revelations for Peace



The West has moved from the divine right of kings to the divinely given rights of every citizen, from slavery through serfdom to the intrinsic worth of every person, from freedom to own property to freedom for everyone from the penalties of hopeless poverty. Though there is a wide difference between the ideal and the actual, biblical literature continues to pronounce its judgement and assert that what ought to be, can still be. The second view of the human condition is that the time of encountering all reality is now, and the place is here, in man's workaday activities and contingencies, whatever they may be. To be human is to know one short life in mortal flesh, in which the past and present are dimensions of the future. It is now or never that the choice is made, the offer of the gift of life accepted or declined. Any kingdom there is must be entered at once or lost forever. It is here in the actual situation of work and play, of love and need and not in some far-off better time and place, that the crisis is reached and passed, the issue settled and the record closed. Most people, conditioned by the great advances in modern technology, believe that in principle there is nothing in the world of fact about which science cannot obtain knowledge. But the "other minds problem" suggests the contrary, namely, that there is a whole domain of private human experience that is resistant to any sort of external enquiry. Thus one is faced with a profound puzzle, one of whose implications is that there can never be a science of the human mind. Epistemologists, in particular, are philosophers whose theories deal with puzzles about the nature, scope, and limits of human knowledge under test conditions; one would be entitled to say that the person has knowledge of the issues under consideration. Hegel: His choice of the word Geist to express this, his leading conception was deliberate: the word means "spirit" as well as mind and thus has religious overtones. Contradictions in thinking at the scientific level of Kant's "understanding" are indeed inevitable, but thinking as an activity of "spirit" or reason can rise above them to a synthesis in which the contradictions are resolved. All of this expressed in religious phraseology, is contained in the manuscripts written towards Hegel's stay in Frankfort. In "religion" he wrote “finite life rises to infinite life". Kant's philosophy had to stop short of religion. But there is room for another philosophy, based on the concept of spirit that will distil into conceptual form from the insights of religion. This was the philosophy that Hegel now felt himself ready to expound. Philosophy of religion: Thus, much about religion can be known by those outside it, however, views about the views of religion and definitions of religion have a systematic inadequacy about them. Like everything of the spirit, religion cannot be described so as to make clear to the detached observer the characteristic quality and depth of religious awareness and commitment.

(Acknowledgement to Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Never in history has psychology stood at so low a level, lost all touch with its origin and meaning, and perhaps the oldest science and, unfortunately in its most essential features, a forgotten science, science of [man's] possible evolution.

(Acknowledgement to Encyclopaedia Britannica)

"To take something away from the perfection of the creature is to abstract from the creative power itself" This metaphysical axiom which is also a mystical principle, is the key to St. Thomas's spirituality. Aquinas wrote that" God is not offended by us except what we do against our own good.

(Acknowledgement to Encyclopaedia Britannica)



Third Eye Revelations.

When Descartes the French Philosopher, wrote of the "mechanics of the brain" this part of his understanding was the truth. The third eye however, is not a belief system but a reality by being part of the brain, acting as a spiritual sensor, that when stimulated creates the gateway to greater understanding. Stimulating this sensor can only be done through spiritual love for one another and most certainly by no other means. The brain itself is then transformed to a greater balanced understanding of Life, not immediately fully understood but nevertheless a great personal guide. It is most important that these writings be seen as an explanation of reality by the third eye and not in any way a judgement by an individual.

All peoples have the choice of following good or evil except for those souls who are slaves at this time and are without freedom. This precious breakthrough has now shown a greater fulfilment and knowledge of Life that comes about, by the brain being stimulated through enlightenment and enables the "deserts of the mind to become fruitful". Guidance through this Divine intervention of the Universal Spirit enables "seven league boots" thinking to help us as a world's people, including the present generation of scientists to hopefully develop an awareness of the metaphysical. Human beings have the gift of Life with three precious entities, mind, body and Spirit in their make-up. Just as we cannot live without a body or a mind, we cannot live without a Spirit to balance and give guidance to the mind, bringing great joy and freedom to all peoples instead of an on-going and growing suffering existence experienced by millions through war and poverty, brought about by thousands of corrupt and materialistic power mongers following their evil practices daily through denying others a better Life.

A great deal of misunderstanding of why the Spirit should be recognised is often challenged by the entrenched reply "If it cannot be seen, or it is not proven scientifically, it does not exist! Universities are often blind to discoveries made by non-academics. It is not often recognised that even illiterate people have great experience of reality that could help reveal new views on academic findings creating a more balanced view of subjects through being truly democratically debated.  Knowledge derived from the new developed working of the brain's sensor leads to unparalleled breakthroughs according to the individual's field of work. Problem solving is also a new measure far beyond present human understanding brought about by a generous Spirit bringing peace and plenty world-wide. Embracing the new enlightenment would encourage peaceful understanding and result in weapons being changed to ploughshares. This statement is such that it appears to be a distant hope but in fact it is part of the Universal Intervention written of, here and now, at this Time. Weapons will be useless in a physically changing World now developing. Ploughshares when interpreted through Enlightenment - point to the great need for mass food production required in all Countries during this Time of Great Change brought about by the most generous Universal Spirit.



Spiritual roots of reason

To try and authenticate what is an extremely difficult subject for many to comprehend and accept, the matter was approached from another perspective when a small historical thesis was submitted, accepted and written of in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Values Forum. The subject submitted was that of the special mix of professional people and fishermen who were the disciples of Jesus. This arrangement of individuals shows deep reason for balancing the group through intelligent debate and experience of the whole truth, both through learned and unlearned men and women. The fishermen who were simple working men, close to nature and the elements, helped the group in their understanding. This balanced mix of individuals completed the linking of the spiritual as well as the humanitarian learning of reality in the make-up of every human being.

At that very special time in history however, the great reality of our world in relation to the Universe had to be restored, and the Truth established, through a man called Christ. He had to undergo great personal physical and spiritual suffering because of His great Love of the World. He defeated evil and brought God’s/Allah's Spirit back to Earth by returning a New Testament of the Holy Spiritual realm of the Universe as it was in the Beginning.

His facing and overcoming death was for those who believed in his works as the Son of God/Allah and they who believe will continue to live in the Universal world awaiting them (Heaven). Should this not have happened at that Chosen Time, then the world itself would have been destined for Oblivion according to Universal Laws. Christ knew that people could change because of their inherent Universal beginnings to seek for Truth and fulfilled that Truth by His becoming the Way, the Truth and the Light.

The present time however, was already written of - that a greater understanding and enlightenment would come about in Time. Through Christ's great sacrifice this has been made possible and now shows that the Universe is run by the Supremely Intelligent Spirit of Love. This allows Timelessness to be better understood in conjunction with the Heavenly Universe and is a reality beyond our present imagination. The new awareness of having an enlightened mind, with these precious qualities of understanding, must from now onwards be accepted and create peace in our time.

Historical Facts.

The third eye is well known and has been adopted for millenniums in many spiritual Eastern cultures, shown as a celebrated marking of the temple/forehead by followers, being related to showing awareness/worship of higher beings of a Supreme Intelligence. The West however in their popular materialistic conception of Life uses it simply as a symbol that is best known to those who use it as such. However, the third eye that is all part of God/Allah's Creation within every living person, has now been revealed as a working spiritual sensor of the human brain. It is a spiritual aid for learning and not a religion.

Many confuse spirituality with religion and to reveal the Truth of this, spirituality is wide ranging and encompasses good and evil. Many corrupt individuals follow their insatiable evil quest for material wealth and power. They end up with the death of their soul passing into Oblivion because of their rejection of the great Gift of Life that provides access to universal knowledge and enlightenment. This is why worldly death is so necessary for mankind in this short life as it is beneficial twice over - in relieving suffering and also bringing to an end those who practice evil, thus separating good and evil at this early stage of Creation. True religion allows a choice to be made through the medium of spirituality and encourages love and peace, opening up great hope for the present. It brings understanding of Enlightenment spoken of as the timeless 'Fountain of Knowledge' - part of the Great Feast at this time where all the world's people are invited, leading to peace and plenty in our time for all and allowing the spiritually blind to see. The presently run corrupted material world is coming to an end now through failure caused by lack of spiritual imbalance.

The acceptance of the Spiritual Intervention is the only way forward now; to a greater wealth of the balanced mind and this experience of this new enlightenment being awakened by the spiritual third eye now appears to be a natural progression in the fullness of time. This spiritual progress follows on mainly from our failed world at continual war, created and fed by the greed for wealth and power.  Great changes as the Universal Law of Intervention takes place is applied through the power of the metaphysical worldwide, from this chosen Time forward.

The human mind at this time, being touched by the Spirit of Greater Intelligence has greatly advanced the historical form of learning. Oral tradition, in itself has served well, for peoples of previous millenniums, although translations have always been a stumbling block in the limited understanding and corruption of religions. The Universal Spirit has worked through many individuals, and is well documented, but sadly ignored by others in their corrupted religious/ undemocratic thinking, creating wars with millions of people dying needlessly and soldiers being mutilated even as we write. This warring in itself, shows the enormous lack of spiritual understanding and is an abomination against God/Allah and all humanity,  commonly practiced by many leaders of nations through the centuries and up to this very day.

To-day's survival.

World-wide bureaucracies, necessary for the day to day running of different countries often fall into the pit of corruption with poor legislation following. This is all due to the lack of spirituality that in itself brings one of its many precious gifts - great foresight. This ill-divided world through wars and suffering is brought about by such poverty of minds. The decline is created by not recognising the great gift of Universal Life, resulting in a selfish doctrine that has over many ages seen groups of individuals made rich and powerful albeit for a very short lifetime. They know themselves that they create great suffering through wars and still as yet, on-going.

This is all brought about by their greed that develops a corruption of their ideals - wasted lives ending up in the bin of the Universe. Should they have had real knowledge of this place beforehand, they would have immediately chosen the Universal Life - prostrating themselves with open arms. With that not being so - they spend their very short life building transient power and corruption that results in millions suffering. They then experience eternal suffering themselves, in darkest Oblivion - a parallel world of suffering millions of individuals, having they themselves created terrible evil practices over millenniums.

Thousands of evil people are dying daily into that same corruption through never seeking Truth and facing the great challenges of reality - the priceless gifts of Life and the Universe, in all its fullness. Listing of such Gifts are innumerable and to mention just two real eternal jewels - love and humility, leads the human mind to a much clearer and greater understanding of Life, bringing peace within and with others. Wars to-day with all the ensuing horrors are the benchmark of our primitive thinking, created by the lack of enlightenment. This learning of the third eye is submitted from experience, and are truthful findings written of to you, brothers and sisters, at this time. Should it be not so, then it would not be offered with such advanced spiritual/humanitarian clarity for anyone to read, afforded by the newly balanced mind of a mere labourer, allowing those who can read it, to earnestly do so, allowing for the Geist of the writings at this time.

Enlightenment awareness.

Breakthroughs of the metaphysical are unique and knowledge of the enlargement of the third eye should be seen as even more so, as it is outside of Time itself. Taking the matter to a deeper level for those seeking the truth, answers the reason for this timelessness and because of the metaphysical nature now proves that there is universal life elsewhere and as a timeless dimension, is already throughout the Universe. Recognition of the metaphysical Spirit creates changes within people that can develop to a greater love and understanding leading to an enlightened knowledge of the human mind. This knowledge has enormous advantages of opening the mind to a greater reality of Universal life and raises the question of how many advanced peoples are there, that have already progressed through the universal metaphysical enlightenment? This knowledge leads to a further Great Truth - that the fundamental Law of the Universe patterns itself on Intervention by other advanced peoples' studies of us, while we only have the comparative knowledge of contemplating our own navels.

Restoring Law and Order of universal progress is now being carried out regardless of all the present corrupted global decisions of our own making. The new enlightenment shows a failed material world collapse now in progress, brought upon ourselves through on going corrupt governance by ourselves and others. Peace globally will be the outcome of such Universal Intervention that is now revealing itself at this very time for those who can see, while others remain in denial with their head in the sand. Observation of our primitive suffering through warring allows advanced peoples to have the choice of leaving us well alone or intervening with spiritual knowledge now being revealed at this time. For those wishing to seek further truth by going even deeper, shows that our method of discovering how to travel through space can now be seen as impractical because it is costly and time consuming restricted by the very make up of material itself, likened to an eternal clock that cannot be built.

The new knowledge revealed explains the Universe and the working of universal laws for scientists with enlightened minds. We are still however like children looking out and seeing the night sky in all its beauty, but in adulthood, without a truly enlightened mind, our studies and works would only go down in history as some of our first faltering steps of discovering universal knowledge. Achieving this understanding of the future is in itself, the very essence of the third eye and must be considered far beyond any scientific explanation of our limited minds.

This is the great difficulty in our understanding - of such a further dimension that places any person immediately into a spiritual growth of Enlightenment, showing the future and opening up the greater knowledge of the Universe. It should be also noted and considered to be most appropriate in its timing of great communication of ordinary people world-wide. The coming together of all peoples is required to recognise true democracy through respecting each other’s contributions of knowledge. This is now urgently required to accept the Universal Truth that will bring Peace, with the brain now revealing a metaphysical sensor in every human being that is a priceless gift from a Universal Supreme Intelligence. It is likened to forming a new, larger developed spiritual bridge, created by (God/Allah in Heaven/Nirvana) to develop and guide mankind towards peace and plenty at this time, just as a good earthly father in his love wishes for his children.

The world is now being revealed at this time of world crisis with as yet, unknown outcomes. The nature of the new knowledge breakthrough of the third eye, in developing a balanced human being is greater than previously made known, with the balancing factor of the mind and body by the Spirit. It brings into our lives a spiritual quotient, helping us in all our decision making with an enlightened mind, regardless of peoples' colour, creed or status. The individual is then guided by love to serve, through helping others, to create a world family chain towards a spiritual renaissance for the new millennium. A global truce for peace and halting development of weaponry would be a first step in giving the world time to acknowledge and adjust to the Gift of Greater Understanding.

The Evolution of Man.

Reality has shown that "Survival of the fittest" believers, who see themselves as leaders in the wealth and power struggles (although never mentioned - does legalise wars in their primitive minds), shows why Darwinism has flourished. This came about against the odds because it was fully accepted and supported by patriotic fervour, but sadly allowed corrupted 'democratic' and dictatorial paths for warring at all levels and in different instances. The theory is also ideally suited for educating ourselves in the status quo, (the brake of all progress) in any age, because of our poverty of mind. Darwin's very clever studies of nature then included humanity when his writings overrode his reasoning by ignoring the metaphysical that is the main pillar of the great Universal Knowledge. The outcome was his great temptation to include human beings in his origins of species that was instrumental in achieving fame through, and as yet, unfounded proof of man's beginnings, even up to this present day. They were simply an assumption in his analytical thinking that had served him well in theory of natural selection. Species of fauna and flora studied by him were a very much lower study of survival of the species and cannot be compared with the origins of Man that have many highly complex attributes pertaining to a universal nature and is at this time, unravelling through enlightenment.

However Darwin's misguided and misunderstanding of Human Life has most unfortunately, helped to underpin wars at various times, through his flawed theory encompassing man's 'survival of the fittest' so easily translated by a form of our illiterate thinking to 'self-survival'. This theory then excludes loving our brothers and sisters and leads us to ignoring our fellow family members' terrible plights of suffering through such practices as slavery to this day and age, along with the reality of this time when millions are starving and dying, and have done so over many years. No admittance of this publicly of course, because Darwin’s terrible misconception, in its own way, supports power struggles and no one questions the educational levels and beliefs already planted years ago in the minds of those in power. "You will always know the tree by its fruit" is always a good adage to keep in mind.

Looking at the cause of modern 'democracy' failing badly, is because it is undemocratic partly due to Darwin's same flawed scientific pronouncement somewhere embedded in different leaders consciousness in later centuries. Instead of being the democratic servants of their peoples they become the undemocratic masters. It is now being recognised by many as that same 'survival of the fittest' is creating a downward spiral of decreasing human concern for our brothers and sisters’ lives, world-wide. This tragic situation must now be recognised internationally and acted upon immediately as this is our own selfish doing and not that of a benevolent Higher Intelligence (should our ego allow such universal thoughts). The Internet is available to most people and can be used as a clarion call to bring peace and, bring down the walls of poverty in this new millennium through peaceful transition. The history of Man shows the development of civilisation being dependant now on false ‘democratic’ wars achieving power by force. This has been the recognised way that Man continues to use today, regardless of the fact that weapons already made and stored have reached critical.

Millions of people seek peace by joining movements on the world-wide internet confirming that nations will speak to nations. The inhumane killing of peoples either through wars or starvation are created by an entrenched belief in the status quo. Poorer people are daily trying to cope with disease and natural disasters without proper support. Suffering is now seen and recognised by many as normal and appears too many as powerless to address. All peoples recognise the status quo favouring the rich and powerful albeit their very limited rich short lives. Their acquired transient power and riches blind them to the great Gift of Life; they then only see Life's values in their death throws and then end in the darkness of eternal oblivion.

(Confucius did not accept the status quo, which held that wealth and power spoke the loudest. He felt that virtue, both as a personal quality and as a requirement for leadership, was essential for individual dignity, communal solidarity, and political order.) And again spoke of "heaven sees as the people see [and] hears as the people hear";

(Acknowledgement to Encyclopaedia Britannica)

The question - why should there be a metaphysical breakthrough at this time? The reason is that we have created great suffering and destroyed millions of precious lives of men women and children and continue to do so. We are corrupt in our aims and will continue to do so if Universal Law does not intervene through advanced peoples at this critical time, bringing greater knowledge and enlightenment. The peaceful protest of millions, the call for greater democracy as a first step in peaceful meetings of nations both internal and with each other is urgently required to be accepted.

Fortunately the metaphysical breakthrough has already taken place and is most visible at this time. The rewards are immeasurable as peace will bring plenty for all peoples. Through the evolution of the world's consciousness, spirituality and humanitarian values are growing in the minds of peoples as the reality of their suffering and survival by many are now focusing on the causes creating it. Peoples now see governments as acting irresponsibly in continuing wars of all kinds, all for their lack of spirituality - the very salt of peaceful progress. This is the all-important balancing factor of true democracy, by including the peoples' referendums on major issues, of which there are now many and true democracy is a first step in benefiting peoples worldwide, living in peace through attaining properly balanced decisions.

Violence however, is not the way and never has been the way to successfully protest and most recently in our history, people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. among many others, including world peace organisations are the embodiment of the modern day forerunners of the evolving spiritual revolution that is gaining momentum and can bring peace in our time. The rewards are great, as billions of currency spent on wars daily with upkeep of armies and weaponry are redirected to enable plentiful funds for the rebuilding of countries struggling to meet their home and international debts. These same destructive debts are brought about by poor decision making and planned financial skulduggery designed by the few to try and rule globally at this actual time. This will only hasten their downfall as in their ignorance they are unaware that they are challenging a Supreme Intelligence - the true architect of the Universe and already being made known at this time of great change for good reason. Through their ignorance in denying others they are completely unaware that their very short life has run out and, as already spoken of - they should return their ill-gotten gains to the poor who suffer most greatly at this time to avoid their endless suffering in Oblivion.

Practice of fair trading will allow payment to their employees as well as others by a fair scale of remuneration for their labours, to enable them enjoy a good family life. Cutting profit levels of all companies and their shareholders will allow greater income for companies beyond our present understanding and increase markets greatly. The avoidance of protecting vested interests through wars will allow Countries to become richer through Peace. The new learned mind will create breakthroughs at least fifty years in advance of the present day. The level of poverty to-day is not necessary and is based on the poverty of the mind. The human mind can soon become free to attain advanced thinking, creating breakthroughs in science, mathematics, technology, economics, health and medicine, agriculture and many other countless fields of study.     

Further technology.

The development of computers enables knowledge that can now be stored by large corporations and foundations almost immediately from the millions of computers on the Internet. This approach of worldwide storage of data appears progressive but without interpreters of a very high standing, such collection of data is useless, other than foolishly trying to seize power from global knowledge - that is just another primitive undertaking. Finding individuals worthy of interpretation of such collected data would require a Solomon and therein lies the rub. Very wise, enlightened and qualified persons, capable of teaching others would be required, but are indeed few with advanced knowledge, having to be understood for what is and where it has come from. World progression has to be made possible and such gathered knowledge is a most precious commodity that can only be found once again through enlightened insight and not simply by means of progression through recognised educational establishments lacking in enlightened knowledge

The greater understanding of the natural world taught therein is the background of knowledge, but only the background, as the human mind has not developed sufficiently to comprehend the significance of another dimension that is the most important spiritual link in humanity's progress. The situation arises as who would be sufficiently knowledgeable to debate such a subject without their ego getting in the way of their thinking? The greater understanding of the natural world by scientific study is the accepted basis of present day knowledge, good in itself, but incomplete. The human mind has not shown itself to be developed sufficiently and now requires guidance to comprehend the significance of another human dimension. The new enlightenment is the important link in peaceful progress towards ending wars and internal conflict. With respect, no intellectual assessments by academics have yet been successfully brought to bear to obtain lasting peace and all scientific progress is set at nought without world peace prevailing - similar to building on sand.

The gift of knowledge for everyone.

The way is difficult but most rewarding as advanced understanding is a highly sought prize whereby human advancement of finding peaceful solutions brings breakthroughs in all fields, without exception. Firstly we require seeking the greater balanced knowledge that leads to world peace - the choice has always been there for all peoples. It can be created solely by the individual through his or her behaviour pattern changing, to include a more awareness of a spiritual Life that brings a new fulfilment and enjoyment of everyday life instead of a painful survival condition now suffered by millions globally. The Gift would bring greater understanding leading to fairer trading to enrich the world's economies beyond our present imagination. Each individual has a personal level of spirituality that can develop to a fuller understanding of Life. History has shown great prophets such as Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and other individuals who have had this understanding of enlightenment derived from their spiritual living, balancing their humanity and helping others in their understanding of Life.

Everyone has now been given this knowledge in the new Millennium, of a spiritual gateway to the mind, through which their Life can now develop and greatly improve over the years. The beauty of this great gift is that it applies to all peoples regardless of their status in life allowing even the rich and powerful to repent their ways by rejecting the worshiping of the ‘golden calf’ and accept the priceless Gift of Universal Life. “Trying to get through the eye of a needle with their riches" will most definitely fail because of the selfish burden they carry through life, by denying others their true share of Life. At the end of their short Life on earth, they are destined for oblivion - an indescribable place of darkness with timeless suffering that they themselves created in their ignorance. The Spirit does not however, differentiate in its unconditional love for all who most earnestly seek the truth. Following through this thinking the spiritual brain's development is required to find peace through a balanced mind as spoken of, then onwards and upwards to those who are at this present time, in a relatively important position of temporary power to help develop new enlightened peaceful negotiations supported by the more advanced democracy by holding true referendums of their peoples to end wars, strife and crisis within countries and eradicate the greatest poverty of all - that of the mind.

Present knowledge is graded as primeval, as proved by our present warring state, with many brave soldiers and peoples suffering mutilation and dying needlessly. Truth itself is not debated openly, as often falsely proclaimed and many leaders and politicians holding down jobs of power do not like facing the moment of truth. They still follow the well-worn path of the status quo - the path of no trust, and the stagnant belief that denies change and makes it easier for them to go to war rather than follow peace.

To-days scenario.

Material wealth creates power and as history shows, a country's wealth and power often results in wars, acting as an aggressor towards those defending their sovereignty. Most fortunately, universal defined death comes to leaders and allows a new generation to try and learn from history and maybe seek new answers for peace at this particular time. Greater knowledge of events can now be sought on the internet and world wide communication of the peoples themselves can express their opinions and feelings of continual wars and suffering, through peace organisations. The essential thinking required today is that we should think and act globally for peace and not be constrained by our national identity, good as it is, to serve essential purposes.

Is it not true that we are all one people and when our neighbours suffer do we not see through our television screens of this age and try to alleviate their suffering, if we can? We often are spectators to the killing of the Sacred Life of our own innocent family of brothers, sisters and their children that are all of this miraculous Universal Spiritual Creation. Something is missing in our own make-up in a world where all this is happening - it is called the spiritual enlightenment of the individual. What if we find in searching for the truth that our spiritual side is corrupted within us? Our own failing can come through practicing selfish materialism punctuated and fronted by a sop, given by the rich to suffering humanity as an act of charity.

When people today stand up in their spiritual fight against injustice and corruption, they can now be supported in their non-violent actions by others, as we now have powerful mobile social communications networks to do so and not leave it for others to endlessly debate, as many of those debating are spiritually blind themselves. Today we have limited knowledge likened to disturbed children, compared with the greater understanding of our inherent make-up of human beings that appears most mystical because of the dimension of being metaphysical and therefore mainly invisible and must be earnestly and genuinely sought after, but the rewards are so great. The change for peace can be accelerated by being aware of the metaphysical that recognises individuals regardless of their nationality, position or situation in Life. When sought, the Spirit is found and often breaks through to give comfort and guidance initially and then enables the human being to understand reality. The breakthroughs of the Spirit are likened to a fountain of knowledge with great rewards to mankind and are available now to all peoples.

New foresight.

Practical development to obtain peace can only come from within countries themselves and times spent in peaceful negotiations supported by their people’s referendums which are all part of a new balanced and enlightened democracy that is paramount for progress. Ceasing internal and external conflict will save lives by consultation taking place and can always be helped, if requested, through a recognised body of newly enlightened individuals from all nations, acting as peace keepers. Learning to highlight the grievances involved in different countries has to be faced, with each country's peoples having their human rights respected. Peaceful changes must be made of power and wealth struggles of warring factions and must be fully understood. Power and wealth has to be shared by all to bring an end to conflict within countries and also world-wide. This will launch nations into a new era with progress on a greater scale than ever before, arising from the spiritual insight of eliminating power and wealth struggles as the primary aim to abolish war. Warring continues because of our individual ignorance in understanding and rejecting the great Gift of the on-going Universal Sacred Life that only results in individuals entering oblivion. This warring state created through greed for power by a minority of such individuals will not last, as change is now taking place - by those who can see.

May our peace come through seeking for it most earnestly, then in finding it, never again to return to the vomit of our own corruption. .........................................................................................

Dedicated to all those millions of innocent brothers, sisters and their children who have suffered and died in the past and all those who continue to suffer and will die again today and continue to do so until Spiritual/Humanitarian Intervention from this time forward takes place. .........................................................................................

Great care must be taken in respecting the truth of the revelations of the third eye itself. It cannot be degraded or used for self or corporate material gain or misleading others in any way. This respect of the Spirit's nature has to be treated with the utmost care and deep reverence, as it proclaims and heralds the Universal Gift of Enlightenment at this allotted Time. .........................................................................................