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PM BLOG – The Guide.

History of the Blog:

History was created thus:

Day One

•     Eddie Mair

•     17 Aug 06, 12:22 PM

Testing, testing.

If this works I'll think about actually writing something tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

Eric Muir

Since then, either Eddie Mair or Carolyn Quinn have started threads on an (almost) daily basis, on ‘broadcast’ days.

(Note:  Will there ever be a list of blogs?)

Fun on the Lilypads

Frogs and frogging

The concept of frogs and frogging arose because the PM Blog rapidly became something between a blog and a forum.  It is a term that has been used from early days on the blog, though it isn’t used exclusively.  Care needs to be taken between a frog (blog), a frogger (blogger) and frogging (blogging).  So, the only frogs on the blog are blog entries.  

Hope that’s clear!

Occasionally terms like pond and lilypad have also, inevitably, been used, along with other ranine imagery.

The Chocolate Run

The following reminiscence is provided by Aperitif:

If I remember rightly... the chocolate runs came about because I was working at home a lot on a project with a tight deadline and had no life for a couple of weeks. I mentioned that my only breaks were frogging and going to the corner shop, even over two weekends. Once when I said I was going to the shop Fearless Fred asked me to get him a Curly Wurly, and I left it in the kitchen for him. Next day he got me something - may have been a packet of salt and vinegar crisps as, although I do indulge in chocolate now and then, I'm a savoury girl too. From there, like Topsy*, it just grew.

And, through the chocolate run, we’ve learnt a lot about our fellow froggers and their  sweet teeth …

History of the PM Beach:

Why Day One?

The simple answer is – because it would always be easy to find.  Also, there was the benefit of good weather (it being August there) and we were trying to escape the autumn/winter blues.  But, as we discovered, as time went on, it became a long hike from, well, wherever we happened to be …

How did it come about?

The route/root to the beach can be discerned in blogging activity around 24 th October, thus:

No-one reads this at weekends

•     Eddie Mair

21 Oct 06, 12:20 PM

The following posting on this thread gave the clue that something had happened on an earlier thread:

At 06:16 PM on 24 Oct 2006, andycra******* wrote:

Hand up. Very silly and should be stopped.   Thinkin' about this - there might be all kinds of secret conversations a'goin'on on really early threads. But then, prolly not.

To which 06:45 PM on 24 Oct 2006, Fearless Fred wrote:

I think you might be on to something there, Andycra*******. Any volunteers willin to trawl their way back through over 100 blogs

At 07:15 PM on 24 Oct 2006, andycroak wrote:Uh, no (I might be able to come up with a computer-prog to get all the blogs and analyse them, which might work - using "wget" iykwim - might be fun, and pointless!) I did post something just now on the very first blog, but I felt silly after I'd done it and wished I hadn't. But it's there for eternity now. Hey-ho.

At 01:25 PM on 25 Oct 2006 , andycroak wrote: re : 134 : I'm glad I did now, some tings a going on!

……because, meanwhile, on Day One:

(The ‘founding’  posting on Day One – which ultimately resulted in the Beach - occurred at 6.19 p.m. and was made by andy cragg posting as andycroak)

At 06:19 PM on 24 Oct 2006, andycroak wrote:

Hello, what are you doing here?

It should be noted that, at this stage, andycroak was talking to himself.

The intrepid Fred (Fearless as ever) followed andy over from October.  This was a true Dr. Livingstone moment.

At 09:15 PM on 24 Oct 2006, Fearless Fred wrote:

hey, Andycroak, everyone's got to be somewhere.

Such wisdom, such presence of mind.

A bit of background …..

On the 24 th October, froggers were under a lot of stress, largely due to a spurious email from a one Patricia Eliot which was extremely uncomplimentary about the Blog.  There were some acrimonious exchanges as a result, which went on for some time, tempers were fraying, everybody feeling stressed out.  To boot, one Fearless Fred disclosed that he had a blind date ahead.  

And, further complication, there were problems with the newsletter (always a sore point for bloggers).

The Blog already had a history of virtual fun, largely in the form of trips to sweetshops, bottles of virtual hooch, etc., which had created a spirit of camaraderie.    These were intermittent, however, and arose spontaneously (though often, particular in the evenings, stretching on through an old thread).

Newsletter problems continued, leading to this unusually early Blog from Eddie on 25 th October (the day after Andy and Fred first returned to Day One):

Well my

•     25 Oct 06, 05:06 AM

PM newsletter for Monday arrived this morning at 03.11.

This led to a long string of comments re times of arrival.  Stress levels were running high.

Meanwhile, Big Sister, concerned about the apparent ramblings of Andy and Fred in October, had set out to track them down.  When she came discovered them back in August, following the usual “Dr. Livingstone? moment, she was struck by how much nicer it was to be back in August, particularly as she was feeling very stressed by the weather, the newsletter, patriciaE, etc. etc.  So, back in Day One,  she posted:

At 09:44 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

What a lovely idea! Playing on the August blog.
The weather's much nicer here, isn't it? Think I'll change into my shorts and do a bit of sunbathing.
I've just realised I'm back on holiday. Great! Now I don't have to send all those boring emails ....... And we can save on the heating!
Shall we tell the others we're here?

Others began to follow suit:

At 10:10 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Kate O'Mara wrote

(248) Big Sister.

Ah! the weather. I remember it well

Meanwhile, on Eddie’s 25 th October newsletter thread, Lady P, comment 31,  raised the issue of the absence of some regulars:

Morning all - and a special early-morning morning to Eric. I reckon he must have been up specially to listen out for the jokes on 'Farming Today'. Or the ones on the shipping forecast.

Someone In Another Place mentioned that some of our regulars are missing this week. I know I was

It's half term in Norfolk and, judging by the number of clean 4x4s and beautifully accessorised children in Holt and Wells-next-the-Sea yesterday, everybody-and-his/her-mother have hammered up the M11 in order to get their hair cut (not an appointment to be had in Holt on Saturday). London must be half- empty.

Other cities are, of course, available and not for a minnit am I suggesting that all fellow froggers are normally resident in that particular Big Smoke . . . They might have children home from school, though, and be doing creative things with loo-roll middles and sticky-backed plastic - or just losing the competition with their offspring to get their hands on the computer when said offspring are glued to B*bo or M*Space or whichever networking site is this week's destination of choice.

Cleverly, though, I am a lone parent and have shunted mine off to their father's for the week and instead am ferrying my sister around the county in search of interesting things to buy. Like boxes of Cox's apples. And wrapping paper for her step-grandbaby's third birthday present. Neither of which, apparently, are to be had in Hampshire…………..

Thinking that others might like to try out the beach, especially those feeling in need of a break but not on half term (or, on half term and needing a break from the kids!), Big Sister thought she should let the others know where people were heading:

At 10:31 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

For those of you who are not engaged in half term activities, but would like a bit of a break, may I suggest you link back to the summer hols via recent comments for Day One.
The sun is out and we're all on the beach

The fun by now was really beginning down on the Beach.  

At 10:47 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

As observed elsewhere, we've now arrived at a parallel universe.I'm running between the two - It's good exercise! And getting a tan here. Eddie in October has posted again. Do you think we can get Eddie to play volleyball with us here? Anyone going to give him a shout?

At 10:59 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Mrs Trellis wrote:

WOW I just arrived and it's wonderful to see whare it all started. I have brought a bottle, it's in the cooler however I only have 6 glasses so you will have to share :o)

(What a lovely smile, Mrs. T!)

At 10:59 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

A pleasant offshore breeze makes the heat quite bearable at the moment.

Don't want to be offensive or anything but - Can you do O'Mara without sultry?

BTW, you look fab in that bikini

At 11:10 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Joe Palooka wrote:

This is great... I've even got Chris Evans (Radio Two 5pm) newsletter printed on my T-shirt. Off for a beer. Cheers.

At 11:13 AM on 25 Oct 2006, John H. wrote:

Gosh, the changing face of the PM frog. I didn't have an 'H' when I commented originally - but there are other 'John's too. Who else is here? I can see Fearless - he looks younger. Mrs T is here. And there's a Stephen - is this before you took over Pluto?

At 11:16 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Susan Orty-Boyden wrote:

Phew! I must say, it's a lot warmer here. Is Lee Vitout around today

I was what I am - or I am what I was.

Meanwhile, games were being organised ….

At 11:17 AM on 25 Oct 2006, Fearless Fred wrote:

I don't know if I've got the energy for volleyball... Can I just lie back and soak up the sun for a bit first?

Drinks being poured ….

And the comments continued to roll in. By close of play on 25 th October, there had been 62 postings on that day, underlining the clear need for the beach as a permanent feature, a place to hide from autumnal showers, etc., etc., and to have a virtual ‘being’.

We stayed and played on Day One for many weeks, and even had the occasional royal visit from Eddie, but as the postings mounted up, it got more and more difficult to ‘access’ the Beach. After a while, the general consensus was that we had to move the beach to another mooring or access would become too great to be realistic.  And there was considerable speculation about how the site would cope once we hit 1000 …..  So a plan had to be made. Following an appeal to Eddie by Big Sister (aka Liz), the great man offered us a new home, but not before we’d ‘made it’ to 1000+ postings on Day One.  

Subsequently, techies did a bit of housekeeping, which brought the count down, but those of us who were there know that it did, indeed, happen!  With fireworks, drink, and lots and lots of fun ….

Millenium Moment:

The 1000 th posting (which was a bit of a lottery):

At 07:18 PM on 13 Nov 2006, Big Sister wrote:

Have we made it yet ......?

At 07:35 PM on 13 Nov 2006, Fearless Fred replied:

Oh Big Sis! In a way, I think your 1000 is rather fitting! Congratulations everyone!

Oooh! There go the fireworks!! Cheers:-)

And what had become of Andy?  The last posting for him on Day One was

At 05:20 PM on 02 Nov 2006, andycroak wrote:

…. For all those techies who can still remember what it's like in the other world - what are the chances of the beach blog breaking down on the 10 24 th post? :)

Much concern about Andy’s whereabouts was expressed on the Blog.  Luckily, some time later, he reappeared.  The mystery was never entirely solved….. Did he do  a Lord Lucan?



Drink of all kinds

Food of all kinds

Regular barbeques

A special beach for dog walking (Fido’s Run)

… and anything your heart desires.  That’s what a virtual beach is for.