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Further Reading

The following publications are available post-free from
Land Reform Scotland (see list of addresses below).

Birthright in Land (of which this is an HTML version) see contents.
Progress and Poverty (super-cond.) , Henry George 50p
Scotland and Scotsmen 1.50
Principles for Land Reform 1.50
The Law of Rent and Wages 50p

The following publications are available from the
Henry George Foundation(see list of addresses below).


Progress and Poverty Henry George and another online version
Social Problems“Protection or Free Trade“
The Science of Political Economy“
Commons Without Tragedy, Ed. RV Andelson Costing the Earth, Ed. Ronald Banks
The Power in the Land, Fred Harrison
The Recovery Myth - A Positive Response        Bryan Kavanagh
Freedom - the Only End, F McEachran
Now the Synthesis: Capitalism, Socialism  and the New Social Contract
       Ed. Richard Noyes
The Broken Trust, Edgar Buck
Land, People and Politics, Roy Douglas
A Philosophy for a Fair Society, Michael Hudson, GJ Miller &Kris Feder
The Corruption of Economics, Mason Gaffney & Fred Harrison
Land and Taxation, Ed. N Tideman
Our Enemy the State (currently unavailable)        AJ Nock
Land of Freedom, Fred Harrison
Why the German Republic Fell, Bruno Heilig


Land and Liberty
Practical Politics (Ph. 01494 522856)
The Land is Ours (Ph. 01865 722016)


Taxation of Land in Scotland? Ed Iglehart

An excellent collection of "Georgist" material and sources
The Henry George Foundation, New South Wales The Henry George Institute

Turning Point 2000 - radical links

THE ORIGIN OF PROPERTY IN LAND, by Galliard Thomas Lapsley
(American Historical Review, volume 8, (1902-3) pp. 426-448.)

Liberty on Line (Paine, Jefferson, Locke, Aristotle, Lincoln, Magna Carta, etc.)


Land Reform Scotland
The Chalmer, Mill of Towie, Cullen, Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland.

Henry George Foundation
177, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EU, England.

Land Policy Council
7, Kings Road, Teddington,
TW11 0QB, England.

The Land is Ours
Box E, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ, England.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
41, East 72nd Street, New York,
NY 10021, USA.

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