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Art in Action in Ireland
3rd, 4th, & 5th June 2000
Townley Hall, Slane, Co Meath

Cead Mile Failte
Welcome to the ninth annual Art in Action Festival, the purpose of which is to celebrate the Arts and by means of demonstration and participation to magnify their value to society.
All of the Arts are represented: the Fine Arts by painting, sculpture and craft skills; the Liberal Arts through talks and lectures on science, philosophy and medicine; the Performance Arts by musical recitals, dance and dramatic presentations.
You - the public - are encouraged to participate actively by picking up a brush, pen, pencil or needle; or by studying the work of the demonstrating artists and artisans and Commenting or asking questions.
Go Raibh Maith Agaibh
The Irish Art in Action event, now in its 9th year here, was inspired by the blueprint and success of Waterperry and, although similar in many respects, the Irish version has evolved its own unique qualities - not least of which is the relaxed, friendly and happy atmosphere.

Townley Hall, near Newgrange megaliths and the Battle of the Boyne

The hilltop and wooded setting is beautiful, in the house and grounds of Townley Hall - a 200 year old Georgian mansion near the river Boyne, 3 miles from Drogheda, 5 miles from Slane and about 45 mins drive from Dublin. The 4,000 year old Newgrange and other ancient monuments are situated close by. Townley Hall, near Newgrange megaliths and the Battle of the Boyne

The organisation, like that at Waterperry, is entirely voluntary. It is sponsored and organised by the School of Philosophy & Economic Science - an educational charity in Dublin. It is staffed by members of the School as well as by boys and girls from John Scottus School. No one is paid for helping with the event, nor is any commercialism permitted. The aim is entirely altruistic: i.e. that both the arts and artists should prosper, and that all who attend should be touched and uplifted by their contact with the beautiful and the good.
School of Philosophy & Economic Science
47-49 Northumberland Road Dublin 4 EIRE
Tel: 01 660 3886 Fax: 01 660 7617

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