Hooded Crow
Corvus cornix
Eye Tip, Peterborough - 2 December 2003

This Hooded Crow was first found on Sunday 30 November by Kevin Durose whilst checking the tip for gulls. It wasn't seen later that day despite searching by local birds Mike Weedon, Brian Stone and myself.

Brian Stone visited the site on Tuesday 2 December and 'refound' the Hoodie and immediatley notified Mike Weedon and myself. Before leaving for the site, I posted the news on Peterbirder and Cambirds and within 15 minutes was with Brian looking for the bird which by now had disappeared behind the tip.

Brian soon picked up the bird, and although it could spend quite long periods out of sight on the tip itself, it eventually came out in to the field between the tip and the Tanholt Gravel Pits (where we where viewing from) and I was able to get several record shots while it fed among the loafing gulls. It was very much on its own and not really associating with the other corvids. When it flew, it would always head off on its own - at one point to sit in a tree on its own well away from the other crows.

The first in the area for quite a few years (over a decade we think but we are trying to check this) and a much appreciated PBC area tick for Brian (212) and myself (206).

Nikon Coolpix 995 + Leica Apo-Televid 77
with 20xWA

© Steve Dudley  | 2 December 2003

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