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About TPi

The greatest asset of any consultancy is its staff. The expertise and dedication of the members of TPi has been formed over many years in the service of private and public sectors clients. It is our aim to provide a service which achieves our clients objectives and provides value for money through technical expertise, innovation and effective project management.
Our range of expertise includes Transport Policy and Management, Sustainable Transport, Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering and Systems Management, Parking, Development Impact Studies and Public Transport. Since it was formed in 1996 TPi has undertaken over 500 projects for local authorities, private sector clients and government agencies.
TPi has offices in Birmingham , Cambridge , Leeds , London and Dublin .
TPi is a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers, a corporate member of the Transport Planning Society and the Transport Statistics User Group. TPi have a firm commitment to Quality Management

The TPi Core Values

  The TPi Core values are available as a downloadable pdf file
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