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Adult Socialisation

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Dog Training WestieOne of the most common difficulties that owners have with their dogs their unsociable behaviour with other dogs. Many dogs are well behaved at home, obedient, loving and responsive but when they come across another dog outside the home they just can't cope and turn to barking, growling and lunging to protect their space from all comers. Early socialisation seeks to nip this sort of behaviour in bud but all too often and for a variety of reasons this important element that helps to positively shape a puppy's development has been missed. Remedial advice often consists of little more than recommending the neutering of male dogs or advising owners to avoiding contact with other dogs, the former may be sound advice in some circumstances whilst the latter although avoiding the danger of confrontation does nothing to address the underlying problems that make a dog behave in an unsociable way towards its peers.
The good news is that it is never too late to start teaching good behaviour and there are techniques and training that can help to alleviate or cure the problem. If your dog shows inappropriate and aggressive behaviour towards other dogs we will always carry out a 1-2-1 assessment first to establish the reasons for the behaviour be it nervous aggression (the most common), dominant aggression (much less common), guarding etc. For many dogs the solution is special Adult Socialisation in small carefully assessed groups of appropriate adult dogs. The classes are carefully planned and supervised and use techniques to enable dogs to learn to cope with their fears or control their behaviours in the company of other dogs.

Dog Training PointerAdult Socialisation Programme

The Adult Socialisation Classes take place at Wield at regular intervals, these classes are held outside in a securely enclosed area at our private training ground.
Classes consist of up to 5 clients and their dogs and work centres around addressing the underlying causes of unsociable behaviour though careful socialisation and also modifying the dog's behaviour through specific training techniques. The emphasis is on building good behaviours rather focusing on a dog's undesirable response to a dog to dog situation.
Dogs may be referred to this class following a 1-2-1 assessment or if you feel your dog's sociability leaves room for improvement please contact us for details of the next series of classes.
In all cases a 1-2-1 assessment will be required before dogs are taken onto this programme, due to the small class sizes and the specific nature of the programme these classes are not eligible for flexible attendance.
If you would like more details about our Adult Socialisation Classes please contact Graham Everitt on 01420 562119 or 07970 298532 or to send us an e-mail Click Here

Puppy Socialisation Classes ThumbnailOur puppy socialisation classes are strictly for the babies. Puppies can join from 8 weeks of age or as soon as they have had their first inoculation. From 8 to 14 weeks puppies are at their most receptive and the need for socialisation at it is most imperative. Our premises are scrupulously disinfected and our classes very carefully managed to ensure that puppies get lots of experiences - all of them good. Click Here for details.

Adult Classes ThumbnailWe offer adult training classes at a variety of times in the afternoon and evening. Numbers in our classes are strictly limited to ensure that everyone gets plenty of time and attention and the chance to fulfill their potential. Our classes are carefully planned and managed, we don't take any adult dog until it has been assessed to ensure that it will benefit from learning a class environment and to ensure that classes remain orderly and conducive to learning. Click Here for details.

Agility Classes ThumbnailWe run our Dog Agility classes from March until the end of September, outdoors on a grass surface. Our Agility classes cater for all levels of experience from complete beginners to competition level. Our Instructors are Agility Club Approved and our equipment competition quality BUT this emphasis is on fun and we welcome all breeds of dog and all ages of handlers. Click Here for details

Private Training and 1-2-1 Sessions ThumbnailMost of our training takes place in private 1-2-1 sessions, sometimes these are aimed at dealing with a specific challenge such as not coming back or pulling on the lead. More often private lessons are simply more convenient and better focused to the needs of the individual. Adult dogs will need to be assessed at a private 1-2-1 session before being admitted to our Adult Training Classes Click Here for details

Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme ThumbnailOur Puppy Socialisation and Adult Training Classes are based on the KCGCDS which promotes sociable behaviour, good manners and reinforces the social, legal and practical responsibilities of dog ownership. T4D Senior Instructor is one of a very few Kennel Club Qualified Assessors for all levels of the KCGCDS, contributing to our outstanding success rate. Click Here for details.

Special Classes and Weekend Events ThumbnailNew for 2006 we have full programme of activities for all levels of participants. We have adult socialisation classes for those dogs and owners who could enjoy their walks a little more. There are also Introductory classes in Agility, Clicker and Tag training, Tracking and Scent work, plus some special Training Clinics for those who want a quick consultation on a specific concern or problem. Click Here for details.

Pre-Ownership ConsultationsThumbnailif you are considering a puppy or rescue dog we can offer advice on selecting the right breed, finding the right pet, health schemes, training, worming, preparing for a new pet, socialisation, introduction to other pets, exercise, daily routines etc. As successful and reputable breeders and experts in the field of puppy care and rearing we are uniquely placed to help. Click Here for details.

Behavioural Work ThumbnailIf your dog has a specific behaviour problem with which you need assistance and advice we may be able to help. With a great deal of experience and qualifications in canine behaviour we can work with your to resolve issues as simple as pulling on the lead and not coming back or deal with more problematic behaviour such as dog to dog or dog to person aggression, anxiety, possessiveness, etc. Click Here for details.