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Xmas 2010
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Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas eve at the club saw the now traditional Committee Bingo. Members gathered before an 'Open Fire', set up on a TV Screen on the stage. Steve Coles and Ray McCarthy had decorated the stage with a homely scene and this helped to dispel any rumour that it was a bitterly cold night outside.


Frank Kolber called the bingo numbers out from a rocking chair and the bingo prizes on offer were better than average, with the number of people attending. All winners were also entitled to draw a number for an additional prize, from a variety of electrical goods to a 25 extra cash prize.


Members of the committee dressed up for the occasion, but there were a few too many Santa's. Bingo cards were checked by a snowman (Steve Coles) and prizes were handed out by Albert Steptoe (Ray McCarthy). There were also consolation prizes for winners' neighbours and double calls.





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