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How to contact us.
Our office is situated in the CAB office in Risbygate Street. This is manned/womanned from 10am to 12 noon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays most weeks. Please understand that we do this on a voluntary basis and generally only one person will be in office. Some of the officers come from well outside Bury St Edmunds consequently may be held up, delayed or prevented from attending for all manner of reasons. If you intend to call in it might be advisable to ring first to ensure there is somebody there rather than have a wasted journey. If you just wish to leave something for collection a member of the CAB staff will be glad to receive it on our behalf during their office hours. On 'Lecture' days it is unlikely that there will be anybody there as we will all be at the lecture.
By e-mail: Our e-mail address is info@u3aburystedmunds.co.uk
If you wish to contact a committee member personally their e-mail address and telephone number can be found here.
If you wish to write to us our address is on the foot of the homepage.
By telephone 01284 717196


HomepageCommitteeEventsGroupsLecturesFAQ Contact Us

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